are also gates to other worlds. Are famous sects of the right path freely organized to explore there?” “

are also gates to other worlds. Are famous sects of the right path freely organized to explore there?” ”
I didn’t say that, but the vice president of the National Buddhist Association and the representative of the National People’s Congress, the great monk Shi Yongxin, has publicly said that Buddhism pays attention to the universe. There are many other worlds outside this world. The destination of Buddhists may be other planets. Such a campaign, hehe…” ”
Then since we have it at home, why do we send people to South Africa?”
“Man, that is our homeland. , that’s someone else’s land, that’s not the same thing, it’s called ‘eating from the bowl and looking at the pot’. Let’s prepare some first so that we’re prepared.” Old Man Xu smiled slyly and stopped talking. .
At this time, Zhang Lisheng already understood that the old man was temporarily recruited by the Free China, and he only had a vague idea of ??the whole thing. He stopped asking any more questions, picked up a piece of steak with chopsticks, and was about to put it into his mouth. , suddenly his nose faintly smelled a faint stench hidden in the aroma.
Frowning, the young man looked in the direction from which the strange smell came, and saw a bald man over 180 centimeters tall, as thin as a bamboo pole, with oil paint on his face and a hip-hop expression. He walked into the restaurant with a go-getter look and a mechanical dance step. He took a dinner plate with dull eyes and began to slowly select the food.
“Don’t look at me, man. Don’t look around. That’s, that’s Consultant Zheng from our team, but don’t dare to look around.” When he found the bald man walking into the restaurant, and Zhang Lisheng’s eyes were constantly moving with him, Old Man Xu’s voice Said tremblingly.
The young man’s body began to tremble slightly at this time, and he slowly withdrew his gaze. His face turned livid, and he felt that the witchcraft power in his flesh and blood was boiling so much that it was about to regenerate on its own. He asked with difficulty: “Is he one of the 12 witches?”
“Maybe it’s more than that. It’s just one of his ‘living corpses’. Don’t stare at it anymore, the living corpse can accommodate the owner’s soul and turn into a clone…” Old Man Xu nervously buried his head in the dinner plate and kept warning.
But Zhang Lisheng couldn’t hear what the old man said at this time. Being able to meet a living corpse of a great witch that he had only seen in ancient books before would bring him future benefits that ordinary people could hardly imagine.
/Just like the blind man feeling the elephant, a bit of vague light appeared in front of his eyes. Although the light is insignificant, it is a qualitative change. This alone was worth the risk for him to travel to another world.
The two of them were so shocked by Consultant Zheng’s ‘living corpse’ that they both lost their composure. It was not until the bald man like a bamboo pole walked out of the restaurant stiffly carrying a few slices of bread, a bowl of porridge and a plate of des