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/“As long as my brain is not broken, after Christmas, I plan to buy and operate another slaughterhouse near the town of Kesland.
Oh, my head is buzzing…” I’m going to take a rest first. I wish you all the best in your work and the slaughtered cattle and sheep will be sold at a good price. Goodbye, everyone.” Zhang Lisheng waved his hands, turned around and limped. walked out of the noisy workshop.
To the right of the middle workshop, the house where Lu Daoqi once lived was recently transformed into a lounge by Zhang Lisheng, taking advantage of the opportunity to install surveillance cameras and lighting equipment, just enough to accommodate him tonight.
The renovation is actually just a matter of pasting new material soundproofing panels on the original bathroom and bedroom walls, then opening up the living room and cigar bar, leaving a corridor, and then dividing a slightly larger bedroom as a guest room.
However, although it is just a simple change, the feeling of walking into the room is completely different. It has changed from old-school and outdated to simple and bright.
Ten minutes later, Zhang Lisheng, who was sore all over, took a hot shower, put on brand new pajamas and pajamas, turned off the lights and climbed onto the wooden bed by the window.
Tonight’s state was really not suitable for practicing secret magic instead of sleeping, but he still sat cross-legged on the bed, opened the window, opened his mouth and made a strange sound of “hiss, hiss, hiss…”.
As the witchcraft was floating, a strong wind suddenly blew outside the window, and then a flat head with a mouth full of sharp teeth like large daggers loomed in the darkness and stuck its nose into the window.
He yawned, walked quietly to the back of the workshop, found the iron cover covering the underground cement trench, and drove the mountain toad to open it with its giant tongue.
The weather was cold, and the smell of blood was heavy but not stinky after the iron cover was opened. Zhang Lisheng looked at the groove that was already filled with blood-stained internal organs, and drove the two witch insects to start feasting.
The mountain toad jumps into the ditch, swells its body, and swims in the blood pool; the monitor lizard hides its body and stretches its head, swallowing the whole set of cattle and sheep organs into its mouth, chewing it up, and it seems that only the ditch is visible Large swaths of flesh and blood rose into the air, inexplicably turned into filaments, and disappeared.
After a while, dozens of tons of debris were cleaned up.
After watching the witch worm finish devouring the blood food, Zhang Lisheng drove the mountain toad to cover the trench iron cover again and jumped back into his backpack.
Before walking back to the workshop, he happened to see Tiffany walking towards the rest room with a plate of pancakes and bread, and immediately shouted: “Good morning Tiffany, it should be good afternoon now.”
“Good afternoon, Mr. , you are already up. I brought pancakes and bread and was abo