k for the Sidodon Hills and the North Enit Plain to be shrouded in the belief of the god Wu Li.

k for the Sidodon Hills and the North Enit Plain to be shrouded in the belief of the god Wu Li.
/“…Under the strong attack launched in the early morning, the last border town of Waldorf Territory, Black Rock City, was captured by our army. Although the adjacent Barony of Bonnoch took a defensive posture. There were signs of gathering troops, but there was no Launch a rescue offensive.
At this point, the two territories of ‘Woldorf’ and ‘Tatedu’ have fallen, and a total of more than 3 million believers have been converted. 2.25 million religious warriors have been reorganized. Excluding the defensive troops, Carthage Your Excellency has led the remaining two million warriors to the Northern Enite Plains.” The Wu-Li warrior, who was bent deeply and wearing half mail armor, reported respectfully.
“Two million warriors is really a huge number. The more than 1,400 great lords in the entire Roman Continent only rely on more than 6.5 million warriors to rule 1.8 billion people.
We only captured two territories. Having summoned two million warriors, it sounds like the entire Roman world is at your fingertips, isn’t it, Azmukh?” After listening to the battle report, Zhang Lisheng smiled slightly and looked at the man standing on the right who was wearing ink. said the tall old man in robes.
But on the land beneath our feet, the Roman warriors who have been killing and fighting for thousands of years are not just hungry wolves, they are simply highland lions.
And no matter how strong the blue sheep is, it can’t defeat the hungry wolf as skinny as a stick.” Hearing the complacent question from God Wu Li, the tall old man hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and whispered: “Equip the god The Roman slaves who were given the body were blue sheep with strong bodies.
When they broke through the siege of the Silorians, these long-necked dragons were seriously injured, and they followed the army back to the camp. They were originally meant to kill the meat-eating animals, but Master Etfugo stayed up all night and found a way to tame them in ancient books. Only then did he stay.
In order to give the ‘Lamb’ the courage to challenge the ‘Lion’, I followed your instructions and equipped the Roman slave army with ten times the excess priest power to ensure that no one died in the war. The amount of divine power consumed for this purpose is incalculable.
And the situation of conquering the two viscounties of Tatedu and Waldorf is very special…”
“Very good, Azmukh, it seems that you are not dizzy yet,” Zhang Lisheng’s face straightened, and he solemnly interrupted the old man in black robe. In other words, “Except for ‘Tatedu’ and ‘Woldorf’, if we can easily occupy a Silorian county at most, we will face a real test.
Tell all the priests and warriors who set foot on the Roman land what you just said, and let them not regard the Romans as weak fools just because of a few battles based on conspiracy and tricks.
Also tell Carthage that after occupying Siloria, they will still transform all civilians and slaves int