eel to turn the car Entered a quiet community.

eel to turn the car Entered a quiet community.
The surrounding streets have become much narrower, and the houses on both sides of the street have changed from skyscrapers to traditional American wooden houses.
Although from a rational point of view, the seismic index of high-rise buildings is much higher than that of wooden houses, because low wooden structures will not cause too many casualties even if they collapse, it can give people more comfort from a psychological level , so the residents here did not go looking for an open space to take shelter. Instead, they turned off the power to their homes and sat on the lawn in front of their houses all night.
The taxi turned east and west in the community for a while, and stopped in front of a two-story wooden house painted in milky white. “Man, you are home.”
Zhang Lisheng looked out the window and the whole street was decorated like dots of stars. Candlelight, said, “Thank you.”, handed the driver a hundred-dollar bill, opened the door and stepped out of the car.
As soon as the shoes hit the ground, I heard a surprising, incoherent voice coming from far and near, “Oh, my God, my God, baby, you are okay, I knew you were okay.
Praise the Lord, praise you. Kindness…”, and then he was hugged tightly by a warm embrace.
“Of course I’m fine, Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so excited?” Zhang Lisheng’s mother twisted unnaturally in her arms and said, “Don’t you know there was a big earthquake in the afternoon, Li Sheng, your mother started going crazy at that time. I tried to contact you, but I couldn’t get through. She’s been very anxious these past few hours.” Lavin, who was wearing a police uniform and holding a candle, walked slowly closer and answered on behalf of his lover, still following closely behind him. A beautiful black girl wearing a casual leather outfit.
“It’s not right to be unable to get through on the phone.
Oh, Mom, didn’t I tell you when I left that I wanted to collect biological research materials in the desert. There is no communication signal there…” The young man glanced in the direction of the sound. It was not easy. He frowned in awareness, then looked at his mother and said, but was choked by Lily’s extremely surprised look.
He could only wait in silence until his mother’s emotions calmed down before breaking away from her arms. Under the bright moonlight, Zhang Lisheng nodded to Lavin beside him and said, “Uncle Lavin.”
Then he smiled at the black girl next to the tall police officer and said, “Major Allison, why are you here? Are you here to avoid the aftershocks?”
/“You know Li Sheng, I didn’t do it in ‘New Washington’ My family and friends were just Ruili and a few reporters. We had no place to go during the Christmas vacation, so we made an appointment with Ruili to go shopping, but we encountered an earthquake…” After being transferred to the Foreign Information Center of the Ministry of National Defense, within a few months, I somehow became incompatible with being a media person. A former military int