al emblem hanging. It

al emblem hanging. It
happened to be the rush hour, and most of the staff were either driving private cars, or People riding mopeds, bicycles, and a small number of people on foot hurriedly gathered into this low-rise building with less than ten floors from all corners of the surrounding community.
This hurried and ordinary scene that can be seen everywhere in any unit on the street is not disturbing at all. People feel that this is one of the decision-making institutions with the most important power in China.
Chapter 573: ‘Visit’
Although the public officials working in the Ministry of Agriculture all looked ordinary and unattractive in appearance, the long car that drove into the compound The Mercedes-Benz car didn’t arouse their thoughts at all.
When the limo stopped, Guo Caiying in the back seat took out her mobile phone to check the time, and made a silent gesture to Zhang Lisheng sitting next to her. Without getting out of the car, she dialed A phone number came out.
After a few seconds, the call was connected. The girl’s voice was soft and she said with a smile: “Good morning, Uncle Luo. I am Guo Caiying. I am not disturbing your work, right?” ”
“Guo Caiying…” The voice on the other end of the phone was a little dignified, cold and surprised at first, and then became enthusiastic as if suddenly enlightened, and replied with a chatty smile: “Your little girl is a rising star in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has never… How come you are in the mood to make this call today when you are in contact with a ministry like Uncle Luo, who is in charge of ‘Tuqupao’? ”
“Look what you said, agricultural production has always been the top priority for national stability. Now maintaining stability takes priority over everything else. Your responsibility is the heaviest among the leaders of various ministries.
Without your support, we would not have the confidence to carry out our diplomatic work. “Guo Caiying did not directly answer Minister Luo’s question, but praised in a roundabout way.
“Hahaha…” A more cheerful smile came from the other end of the phone. In a very forthright and direct voice, he said: “Young lady, you are worthy of being engaged in diplomatic work. When you start talking, I will give your Uncle Luo a few mouthfuls of ‘mistang’. Okay, okay. If you have anything to say, just say it.” The uncle who does it will never refuse.
/“Then let me tell you the truth. Uncle Luo, didn’t I go to the United States with a business delegation a few days ago? As a result, I got in touch with a junior fellow student when I was studying abroad. ”
He grew up in our country of China. I settled in New York when I was sixteen, and now I have founded a large-scale animal husbandry-related company. This time I returned to China with a visiting delegation from the American business community to look for investment opportunities, which can be regarded as serving the motherland.
I think this is a good thing. I’m going to help you pull the strings, you see…” ”
Of course this is a good thing. The