ut suddenly found that the native who was pointed at by Zhang Lisheng had disappeared without a trace.

ut suddenly found that the native who was pointed at by Zhang Lisheng had disappeared without a trace.
‘ In the human gathering place on Haixia Island B1, it is no surprise that the natives go shopping at night. When no one is paying special attention, a dwarf who is less than 120 centimeters tall and acting alone appears. Within a second, it was really difficult for anyone to notice the sudden disappearance.
Except for a scantily clad woman who happened to pass by the native, she shook her head, rubbed her eyes and looked around, showing a puzzled expression. Outside, it didn’t attract anyone’s attention.
But after Zhang Lisheng’s special reminder, Avril knew exactly where the native was. She looked at the vaguely visible star in the shadow, tightly wrapped in spider silk, with a distorted face, shouting silently. Holding her head as it was slowly being devoured, she wanted to scream, but she felt that her dry mouth could not be opened, and her heart almost jumped out of her chest.
Time seemed to have passed for a long time, and it seemed that it had only been two or three days. Minutes later, the girl who thought she might be having a terrible nightmare was suddenly awakened by a calm and plain voice, “Are you going to apologize now, Miss Avril, or do you want to disappear suddenly while walking on the road?” not see. ”
In an instant, Zhang Lisheng’s demon-like performance completely broke Avili’s spirit. She collapsed on the wooden table, her whole body trembling, tears in her eyes kept falling silently, and she said in a hoarse voice: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sir. , I’m sorry, please forgive me, please, please forgive me…” ”
Okay, now that you understand how lucky you and your ‘little friends’ are, you can leave. “As he spoke, Zhang Lisheng drove the ‘Ghost Face’, which had already swallowed the natives and shrunk in size, to pull up the silk thread from the void, slid it onto his collar, and slowly got into the pocket of his shorts.
The surveillance cameras on the street are actually very obvious and cannot escape my eyes. The Hilton Hotel may have just been renovated, so there is no surveillance at all.”
“Don’t talk about Tracy, you just killed a native. Back on the ‘Elizabeth Holiday’, we saw with our own eyes that Li Sheng killed thousands of people at once. ”
Seeing them rolling around, Cui Xi suddenly sighed with an ugly face and said: “Li Sheng, it’s just a small thing, why do you have to do it so terrible? It is said that there are surveillance cameras everywhere on the island. Aren’t you afraid that things will cause trouble?” Is it big?”
Let’s talk about eternal youth. Recently, wrinkles have appeared faintly in the corners of my eyes. This is really terrible. Caucasians age quickly. God is so unfair…” ”
Sorry Shelia, if You already have wrinkles now, and eternal youth can’t save you…” As Zhang Lisheng was talking, several waiters came over, cleared the table, and brought out the dishes he ordered. The
/young man closed his eyes mouth, waiting for the waiter to say: “Sir, pl