and hugged him, “You seem to have grown a bit taller. Have you watched the TV series I acted in? How do you feel?” “I

and hugged him, “You seem to have grown a bit taller. Have you watched the TV series I acted in? How do you feel?” “I
like it very much. You did a great job. , Jennifer.”
“Hey, don’t talk to me like a little adult, or I’ll teach you a lesson.” He pretended to frown, with the same expression as Rachel in the TV series.
In her previous life, she had only been married to Brad Pitt for a few years. Brad cheated on Angelina Jolie and divorced hastily, which made Han Xuan feel very regretful and thought that he would have to make more trouble in the future.
For example, if you ask Brad to shoot a movie and send him to the Amazon rainforest for a few months, or the Sahara desert, which is as black as carbon, he probably won’t feel anything at all. I think wrongly, it might be sexier.
Then let’s go to the North Pole.
After saying hello to Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, etc., it was almost eight o’clock, and basically everyone who was supposed to come had arrived.
Han Xuan brought Anya, Natalie, and Jessica into the venue. Just now they insisted on staying outside to watch the stars.
There was a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap in the corridor. He walked over from behind because of his long legs. He glanced at him casually and was frightened on the spot. He exclaimed: “Mr. Steve Jobs?!” The
other person stopped in his tracks . , looked at Han Xuan and asked: “Do you know me?” After
living in seclusion for many years, he suddenly met someone who knew him. If he said he was unhappy, it must be a lie. With a smile on his face, Jobs said, “If I am not wrong, Mr. Quark Is he your elder?”
“Yes, Mr. Jobs, my name is Han Xuan, and he is my grandfather.”
/A person who has died in the previous life is standing in front of him alive. Hearing about it and seeing it with his own eyes are two different things. Han Xuan continued: “I know Apple, its products are really great!”
He walked forward and entered the lobby under the guidance of the waiter.
There are thousands of people inside, with celebrities and film workers sitting in the front row, and behind them are the audience who bought tickets to watch the premiere.
Jobs had trouble deciding where to sit. The boy’s grandfather invited him, but he didn’t give an accurate answer. He didn’t know if the location had been arranged.
“Mr. Jobs, please come with me. There is a seat in front of me. I recently opened a technology company in Silicon Valley and would like to hear your opinion.” ”
You start a company?”
“Yes, HOPE Technology Company.”
“It turns out that you opened that company. Several of the company’s veterans were poached by you. The board of directors is discussing replacing me as CEO. I need them.”
“You become CEO?!”
Han Xuan said in surprise. It turns out that He only returned to Apple in 1997, and now he actually thought about it. He recalled that he had asked his grandfather to exchange for shares and pushed him to the Apple board of directors. He secretly cursed what he was thinking at that time.
“Yes, the current executive is stu