family It’s definitely not just a small ranch, right?”

family It’s definitely not just a small ranch, right?”
Haili whispered and winked: “Tell me, if the rich sister marries you in the future.”
Gabriel interrupted and shouted: “How about it? The new car I bought costs Don’t you want to go for a ride with me? You and my nephew are classmates, right?”
“Forget it, I think my father will be happy to make you as a friend.” He
touched his nose awkwardly, feeling miserable in his heart. Who could he tell? Seeing Rice and the others squatting On the ground almost dying of laughter, Gabriel cursed: “Damn it, what are you doing here! Why don’t you go to work in the store! Be careful about deducting your wages!”
Haili burst out laughing and rubbed Jigglypuff’s head: “So cute My cat, I heard that the courses of business management and marketing will be split into separate subjects in the future. Have you decided what to choose?” ”
Split? I don’t know yet. I’ll tell you when I go back and look at the class schedule.”
Shoulder Suddenly being photographed, Han Xuan turned around and found his roommate Isabelle standing behind him dragging a big box. He said in shock: “Did you come here by yourself?”
“You guys talk first, I’ll go see what’s in the yard.” No new students are coming.” Haili smiled, stood up and waved goodbye.
Before leaving, he winked at Han Xuan, his meaning was quite obvious: I am helping you create opportunities to be alone together.
Han Xuan could only roll his eyes at this.
“Your parents didn’t come to help you?”
“Neither did you. I didn’t allow them to come.” Isabelle said, “How was your summer vacation?”
“It wasn’t bad. I went to New York and Los Angeles. Let’s go. , I will help you with your luggage.” He said this to Isabelle, but looked at Gabriel.
“I’m here, nephew!” Muttering that he still had to do hard work to accompany the actor, Gabriel accepted his fate, took his suitcase, and walked into the gate of Brown University. The campus was too small and private parking was not allowed inside.
The bell tower rang leisurely ten times, startling hundreds of pigeons to fly around in the sky. The sun shone on the grass, which was a bit dazzlingly green. A group of students sat in a circle under the tree. I don’t know what they were discussing. The scene was quite heated, so I went here specially. I listened to it in the past, and it turned out that they were arguing about which one was more powerful, Superman or Batman.
Han Xuan raised his eyebrows and thought for a long time, and finally came to an unexpected conclusion: “Sun Wukong”
can not only transform into seventy-two, cause trouble in the thirty-third heaven, but also become a Super Saiyan and conquer the entire universe.
The most important thing is that he can be resurrected after dying countless times.
“Have you ever watched “Dragon Ball”?” Han Xuan asked this question in a daze.
“It’s for boys.”
/After Isabelle finished speaking, Owen continued: “I’ve watched a little bit. I don’t understand a lot of things, but the fighting plot is pretty good. Why do you ask?” ”