g it, the armor The laser on the soldier’s arm continued to shoot into its mouth, directly causing it to develop oral ulcers.

g it, the armor The laser on the soldier’s arm continued to shoot into its mouth, directly causing it to develop oral ulcers.
/Unable to clamp down on these metal villains, Mr. Crab swung his claws in a rage, sending the armored warriors flying to a height of more than ten meters, and then fell heavily, but they were still unscathed and got up. Then he immediately continued his attack on Mr. Crab.
Uncle Crab’s carapace was covered with scars and he was gradually losing strength.
The whole building was now filled with dust and smoke. Taking advantage of the chaos, Liu Gan and the three of them rushed out of the room and fled to the fire escape together. Liu Gan tried to contact Yinhe with the headset, but found that only the sizzling sound was left in the headset. The noise of electricity made it impossible to contact her anymore.
I don’t know what her condition is now, or where she has gone, but the sight of her while hiding in the room just now, and the sight of her body being riddled with holes and blue liquid flowing across it, really made Liu Qian extremely sad. Feeling distressed.
This trip to the secret laboratory did not seem very pleasant. It feels like when playing a game, you skipped a level and challenged a hidden dungeon level that should not be challenged at this level. You encountered a super powerful enemy, which led to the ending where the team was almost wiped out.
Some people with dusty faces and white coats rushed down the stairs. The heads, faces, and bodies of Liu Qian and the other two people were all covered in dust. The experimenters did not recognize the identities of the three of them. After shouting something to them, they rushed downstairs.
After hearing the footsteps of the familiar and terrifying armored warrior at the top of the stairs, Liu Gan and the others did not dare to hesitate any more. They rushed down the stairs with the experimenters and rushed straight to the hall on the first floor, trying to take advantage of the chaos. Follow these people and leave this hellish place.
However, the situation in the lobby on the first floor was even more serious.
Although there were several armored warriors fighting fiercely with Uncle Crab, there were still at least four to five armored warriors gathered in the hall on the first floor who did not participate in the battle with Uncle Crab. They stood in all directions of the hall, shouting at Liu Qian and others. Some language that no one could understand drove the people who came down to the lobby on the first floor to the open space in the middle of the lobby on the first floor.
It was too late to turn back now. An armored soldier followed from the fire escape and surrounded everyone in the lobby on the first floor.
Several experimenters in white coats spoke and asked questions to the armored warriors in a certain language. Their expressions seemed to be protesting, but the armored warriors did not answer their questions and protests, and just continued to drive them away. They asked them to line up and stand in the mid