r remaining human instincts, they are not very willing to stay in the water for a long time.

r remaining human instincts, they are not very willing to stay in the water for a long time.
/All the tornadoes in the city have stopped, and all the buildings on both sides of the river are just like the building where Liu Gan and the others were hiding before. They are riddled with holes and terrible to look at. Coupled with the fact that the ground is full of broken corpses or severed limbs of zombies, Tranquility City now seems to have an increasingly apocalyptic feel.
I don’t know why this tornado started, and I don’t know why it disappeared like this. Anyway, it just came, ravaging the entire city, and ravaging the confidence of all players and survivors. According to Liu Gan’s speculation, the number of players and local survivors who had survived in the city before was estimated to have been reduced by at least half after this tornado.
“I really didn’t expect Xiao Wang to die here. What a pity.” Han Guangming, who was sitting on the deck of the yacht, sighed. Everyone was going through life and death along the way, just watching helplessly as he fell into the pile of zombies. Being torn apart to death, I felt really uncomfortable.
“He was afraid of heights. When we were on the bridge, he was able to climb to the top of the steel beam with us. I even praised him a few times! He climbed up such a high steel beam, but unexpectedly he died at a height of seven or eight meters. It’s really not worth it on the sliding rope!” Wang Decheng also sighed.
The players on the boat looked a little sad. This sadness was not only directed at Wang Yongchang, but also because they felt the same way about Wang Yongchang’s death.
After entering the game, these people witnessed death again and again. Finally, under the leadership of Deng Hu and Liu Gan, they settled down in the supermarket camp for a few days, and even met a leader like Liu Gan who led them to upgrade. Then the zombie wave came, and they had no choice but to abandon the camp and start fleeing. Along the way, they kept losing companions. One moment they were joking together, and the next moment they were separated forever.
Although they survived now, the sadness spread involuntarily on the yacht. The yacht was sailing quietly on the river, going down the river, not knowing where it would go. No one spoke anymore, and they all looked tired, scared and nervous. This kind of fear and nervousness was even more intense than the fierceness. Exercise makes people more tired.
Especially escaping from the building in the community to a big tree and then escaping to the yacht was a huge drain on both physical strength and spirit. After neither the players nor the survivors spoke, many people leaned or lay on the yacht deck with their eyes half closed.
“Master Liu, where are we going now?” Zhang Shengli walked into the cockpit and asked Liu Qian. Compared to the fatigue of others, he was promoted to level 5 today and seemed a little excited.
“Of course we will continue to Qingpu Port. With this yacht going down the river, it will be faster for us to go