Lu Aofeng was about thirty years old. He had also served as a soldier in the real world, but later he did not become a professional killer like Wu Detian. Instead, he became a criminal policeman after changing his career, and was later promoted to the captain of the criminal police team. He was a very experienced person. Detective.
Chasing fugitives and the like is commonplace for Lu Aofeng. In the real world, he has had several experiences chasing fugitives in the mountains and forests. The current situation made him recall the scenes he had experienced before. It’s a pity that the people standing around him are not his former teammates, but a group of strangers who don’t know the details.
/The two teams agreed with the sentry outside that once the sentry discovered the enemy’s situation, they must not act without authorization or fight with the opponent. They would immediately light the beacon next to them to alert the search team in the forest. Although there are many trees in the mountain forest, they are not too dense. There are often many gaps between the tree crowns to see the sky outside.
The two teams searching the mountain adopted a very cautious and strict search method. The crown of every tree was not spared, and all places where they imagined the willow trunks might be hidden were carefully searched.
Unfortunately, Liu Gan seemed to have disappeared from the island, or in other words, was not in the forest at all. More than an hour passed. Lu Aofeng and Wu Detian almost searched the entire forest, but they could not find Liu Gan’s whereabouts.
The sentry outside has not lit up the beacon fire, and it seems that they have not found any trace of Liu Gan. It is possible that Liu Gan did not enter the forest, but hid in the bushes to the east.
“It’s windy outside, we have to go back.” Lu Aofeng felt the wind blowing from the west in the mountains and forests, and said to Wu Detian who happened to be gathered together.
“Go back. If a beacon is lit outside, we won’t be able to see it.” Wu Detian agreed to Lu Aofeng’s suggestion.
/At this moment, a stream of thick smoke was blown over by the wind from the west. Along with the thick smoke, there seemed to be heated air!
“No! This traitor knew that we were searching for him, so he actually set fire to the mountain!” Lu Aofeng felt something was wrong and shouted.
“Set fire?” Other players also felt it immediately. Now the wind is blowing from west to east on the island, and the wind is getting stronger and stronger. Soon after Lu Aofeng finished speaking, other players were surrounded by thicker and thicker smoke. The air was getting hotter and hotter. The feeling of being unable to breathe and unable to see clearly made them panic, and they immediately turned around and ran back in the direction they came from.
The situation in Wu Detian’s team was similar. The players also became confused, yelled and fled in all directions.
“Don’t run around! It’s hard to see the direction clearly in the thick smoke in the mountain forest. You may run