, but this time he saw the Milky Way standing next to Liu Gan, which made him feel as if he had discovered a new continent again.

, but this time he saw the Milky Way standing next to Liu Gan, which made him feel as if he had discovered a new continent again.
What happened to this undersea laboratory? So many beautiful beauties? What a surprise! I made a lot of money today!
/“Hey, hey, hey! You! Stand here! What’s your name?” Peng Xuetao looked at the Milky Way with fascination and asked her.
Yinhe glanced at Peng Xuetao and didn’t say anything to him. She just followed Liu Qian closely. At this time, she didn’t want her identity to be exposed. If the mothership knew about it, she and Liu Qian would be in trouble. .
“Damn it! The beauties in your laboratory are all very unique! Every one of them dares not to listen to me! Do you want to rebel?” Peng Xuetao reached out and slapped his hand on the coffee table, looking very angry. If not Thinking about enjoying these beauties after dinner, he couldn’t help but want to let the dog bite.
“They are just laboratory staff, not professional performers. Please bear with me for being ignorant. I apologize to you on their behalf!” Wei Liang boldly tried to persuade Peng Xuetao.
“Are you a bastard? Are you blaming me or something?” Peng Xuetao couldn’t help but got furious, stood up and walked over, ‘Pah, pah, pah, pah! ’ Di slapped Wei Liang several times in succession, causing both sides of Wei Liang’s cheeks to become swollen.
Peng Xuetao had always been a low-level figure in the company before. Before the disaster, he had done some dirty and hard work. When the company was operating normally, although he was very arrogant and domineering in front of the experimenters in the laboratory, he did not dare to do so. Insulting the female experimenter unbridled, worrying about being complained about later, etc. Under normal circumstances, it is a hint that the other party will come to her door. If she really doesn’t want to come to her door, she has to give up.
But it’s different now.
The mothership is out of control, and all the top human beings on it are dead. Only one inexplicable mastermind is left who is mostly broken. He randomly directs the remaining personnel to do some very mechanical and inexplicable things. It happens that Peng Xuetao is one of the few survivors in the company. autonomous human beings.
Although he can’t go to the mothership to control the mastermind, he still has to take orders from the mastermind, but the mastermind rarely gives him orders now and almost doesn’t care about his affairs. Moreover, he was accompanied by a robot dog, so when he came to these laboratories after the disaster, he felt like an emperor. Anyone who dared not listen to him would be killed without any scruples.
/As for experimental projects and the like, the mastermind doesn’t care much anymore, who cares now! Of course Peng Xuetao didn’t care anymore. He would kill these people if he wanted to. The failure of the experiment had nothing to do with him.
Especially today, he was very lucky, and he really had fun. There were actually two stunning female staff here. He felt that he would h