the car door.

After Guo Tian gave Anna the key to the electric car, Anna helped the fallen electric car up, pushed it to the roadside and locked it before returning to the car, opening the rear door and getting in the car.
“Who are you and how do you know us? Why do I have no impression of you at all?” After Anna got in the car, she immediately began to cross-examine Liu Gan. This person knew her and Guo Tian, ??but they had no impression of him at all. It was really strange.
“He said it! We are long-lost relatives, and I am indeed your long-lost relative.” Liu Gan replied to Anna with a smile. Meeting them here really made him feel like meeting relatives in a foreign land, and he felt a little warm in his heart for no reason.
It is more rare to meet in such a way in the chaotic time and space than to meet in a foreign land!
“Hahahaha, am I right? I, Guo Tian, ??have been a chivalrous and righteous man all my life. I have friends all over the world and have relatives all over the world. Wherever I go,”
“Aren’t you in a hurry? Can you stop talking nonsense?” Anna said to Guo Tian. He had to raise his head, otherwise he would have been intoxicated with himself for a long time, and all business would have been delayed.
“Where are you going?” Liu Gan started the car.
“Go to the District Court, just three blocks over there.” Anna pointed in the direction.
/“Why are you going to the court? Are you facing a lawsuit?” Liu Gan turned the car around and drove towards the district court.
“Yes, he severely injured someone and was sentenced. If he hadn’t been under eighteen, he would have been jailed! Today we went to have the last mediation with the other party to discuss compensation.” Anna said for Guo Tian answered Liu Qian.
“You severely injured someone? Not surprising.” Liu Qian glanced at Guo Tian in the passenger seat.
“I, Guo Daxia, acted bravely and acted chivalrously, so I injured someone. The court did not sentence me for being brave, but instead sentenced me to jail. Do you think this law is too nonsense?” Guo Tian looked depressed.
“What’s going on? Tell me, maybe I can help you get it done?” Liu Qian can’t go back to the trembling world for the time being. He happened to meet two old friends, so he simply helped them first. Based on his understanding of Guo Tian, ??he knew that Guo Tian would generally not attack others easily, and would be more impulsive unless he saw injustice on the road and became chivalrous.
“One afternoon a year ago, my classmates and I were traveling on a bus. There was a man on the bus who harassed the thin female college student sitting next to him. The female college student did not dare to resist. After getting off the bus, the man still held the female college student by force. He refused to let me go, so I asked about the situation and tried to save him. The man looked fierce and wanted to fight me, so I kicked him over and he fell to the ground on his head and was seriously injured.” Guo Tian explained to Liu Qian. Ichiban.
“Isn’t this a typical act of bra