city? Life in the city is not necessarily better than in the suburbs.” Liu Xiaoyi came over and persuaded Liu Gan in a low voice.

city? Life in the city is not necessarily better than in the suburbs.” Liu Xiaoyi came over and persuaded Liu Gan in a low voice.
“My goals in life are different from yours. My goal is to go to the city and make a lot of money. No matter in the real world or the trembling world, I don’t want to be a low-level person.” Liu Qian deliberately made up a few lies to Liu Xiaoyi, and how many times did he tell Liu Xiaoyi? A lie that is more suitable for his current status, otherwise they would definitely have doubts about why he wanted to enter the Holy City so much.
Wang Chong brought Liu Gan to the Holy City’s protective shield. The Holy City’s protective shield was directly connected to the Holy City’s main system and could be easily operated like a terminal. With Wang Chong’s help, Liu Gan swiped his card. He paid the registration fee of 5,000 Holy Coins, and registered and verified his identity. According to Wang Chong, the verification will be passed this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest. At that time, Liu Qian only needs to go to the protective shield to see if he can pass through. Just go over there.
After everything was done, Wang Chong said goodbye to Liu Gan and went directly into the protective barrier and returned to the Holy City, while Liu Gan could still only wait for news outside the protective barrier.
“It’s so difficult to apply for a city household registration!” Liu Gan sighed. He had to pay money and apply for various certificates. Now if he wants to enter in advance, he has to spend 5,000 holy coins to participate in some kind of ‘zombie transformation’ game. Just like in the real world, farmers who buy houses in cities are given urban household registration.
“You have entered the city, and we will never see you again.” Liu Xiaoyi seemed to be in a bad mood.
“You can see him when he participates in ‘Zombie Transformation’ or when he plays football.” Liu Dagang comforted Liu Xiaoyi. Although he also thought that ‘Wenhao’ was a nice person, he could see that ‘Wenhao’ treated his sister very well. Liu Xiaoyi didn’t feel anything at all, so it was impossible for the two of them to be together. In this case, it was better to separate before Liu Xiaoyi had true feelings for him, otherwise Liu Xiaoyi would definitely be hurt by love.
/Liu Qian went to the Holy City protective shield in the afternoon and evening to try. Unfortunately, until late at night, he still could not pass the verification. It seemed that he could only wait until tomorrow.
/After eating the next morning, Liu Qian came to the protective cover again. This time after swiping his card to check his watch, the protective cover prompted him to obtain temporary permission. However, when Liu Gan entered the protective cover, he It didn’t travel through time like others did, but a teleportation occurred.
After everything came to a standstill, Liu Qian found himself in a room with a bed and a bathroom, but the iron door outside was locked. After feeling that he was teleported, Liu Qian was a little surprised, thinking th