been in the habit of looking down on his opponents, not to mention that his opponents were a group of murderous and strong men armed to the teeth.

been in the habit of looking down on his opponents, not to mention that his opponents were a group of murderous and strong men armed to the teeth.
/Temujin frowned and looked at the young man in front of him. This young man was so arrogant that he actually held a murder weapon in broad daylight.
Temujin did not intend to use force. Of course, he did not care about using force. Although the opponent seemed to be large in number, in his eyes they were just a mob. Behind him, there were dozens of experienced fighting masters.
Seeing that the other party ignored him, Temujin was just about to speak when the young man with a scimitar in his hand came over like a gust of wind.
Liu Fei’s consistent style is to strike first and gain the upper hand.
/Liu Fei’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he seemed to see the muscles in Temujin’s arms twisting powerfully.
not good!
Temujin was horrified.
The speed was so fast that Temujin was surprised to find that the retinas of his eyes could only capture countless afterimages and could not determine the opponent’s position at all.
The situation is critical.
As an experienced warrior, Temujin made the optimal choice in a split second. He retracted and swung the iron rod and swept when necessary, preparing to build a line of defense in front of him. There was a muffled sound of
, and before Temujin could retract the iron rod, Liu Fei’s foot had already kicked the top of the iron rod, and a surge of unrivaled force swept along the iron rod towards Temujin’s arm, like Passing through the arms to Temujin’s strong body, it was like an invisible heavy construction vehicle hitting Temujin.
Temujin continued to degrade and release this unparalleled power. He did not expect that the opponent’s speed was so fast. In a hurry, Temujin could only retreat continuously, trying to use the friction of his feet to resist the opponent’s surging power.
However, this kind of retreat was still unable to completely resolve the fierce and quick kick.
There was a heavy and heart-stopping muffled sound. Under hundreds of pairs of dull eyes, Temujin, who was like an iron tower, collapsed on the bluestone ground. His heavy armor made a heart-stopping sound. People saw, Under Temujin’s body, there are countless cracked bluestones, and the cracks one by one are shocking.
There was a suffocating silence in the entire weapons market, and only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.
Neither the hundreds of spectators nor Temujin’s men expected that Temujin would be defeated in just one round.
Temujin fell to the ground, waved his hand, and stopped his men from attacking Liu Fei. Then, he gritted his teeth, put one hand on the ground, and tried to stand up with the large iron rod in the other. A bright smile escaped from the corner of his mouth. bloodshot.
This time, the silence turned into dead silence, because everyone saw that there was a very obvious dent on the top of the thick iron rod, and the entire iron rod was twisted an