er! “

er! ”
Zhao Yu pouted, “I don’t have the habit of recognizing my brother randomly. ”
/Looking at Xiaoyu holding a big lazy dragon plate at the door, and then looking at Zhao Yu in front of him, Zhao Song rubbed his temples with a headache. Why is there no girl around me who can worry about me?
From now on, I will have a headache.
9 Tuesday, May 5th.
In the early morning, the mist-shrouded Xiagou Village was bustling with smoke.
With the sound of a hammer, Aunt Zheng’s family’s old house began to shine in the envious eyes of many villagers .
Zhao Song also walked firmly on the road of being the second landlord! Five
years later, the brand-new two-and-a-half-story antique-style building with a basement will be handed over to Aunt Zheng’s family in ten years. , Aunt Zheng’s family will get two more two-bedroom apartments in this small building, with a starting value of 10 million. At that time, if Aunt Zheng and his family don’t show some mercy, Zhao Song will have to scold
Zheng away for a whole day. Zhao Song was about to leave his aunt’s family when he was stopped by Wen Lihua who was passing by for work.
“Aunt Wen, why are you so early?” Zhao Song took Wen Lihua’s hand and walked towards You’s house, “Just when Xiao Yu did it Let’s have some breakfast together instead of going to the work canteen every day.”
“Okay!” Wen Lihua said with a smile, “I was really blessed when Xiaoyu lived in my house.”
“That’s right! Xiaoyu’s craftsmanship is amazing! “Zhao Song said proudly. If it weren’t for the fear of oil smoke ruining Xiao Yu’s delicate face, Zhao Song would have planned to let Xiao Yu be a cook in the future.
While talking, the two of them arrived at the door of You’s house, where Xiao Yu had already placed the small On the table, there were two bowls of steaming millet porridge, two plates of pickles and a large bowl of tea eggs.
Seeing Wen Lihua coming with Zhao Song, Xiao Yu quickly filled up another bowl of millet porridge and brought it up.
” Aunt Wen, sit down and eat.” Xiao Yu smiled and said happily. Xiao Yu liked Wen Lihua who really loved her.
“Xiao Yu, are you adapting to school?” Wen Lihua asked with a smile.
Xiao Yu tilted her head . , thought for a while and then said: “My teachers and classmates all like me, but I can’t keep up with my study progress. ”
Take your time. The tutor you have found for you is very famous. I believe Xiaoyu will be able to catch up soon.” ”
Wen Lihua took two mouthfuls of millet porridge, looked at Zhao Song who was eating and drinking, hesitated for a moment, and then asked: “Zhao Song, is Xiaoyu’s old house ready to be installed soon? ”
“Well, it’s basically done. I plan to separate 19 single rooms upstairs and downstairs and rent them to Tesla employees at a cheaper price. This can be regarded as a subsidy to them. ” “Zhao Song cut open a tea egg and put it on Xiaoyu’s plate.
“So where are Director Qi’s house and Aunt Zheng’s house?
“Same, Aunt Wen, you don’t have to worry about renting a house in Xiagou Village. ” “Zhao