saliva and replaced the rope and cloth pieces with leather ropes and leather pieces. The quality requirements were higher.

saliva and replaced the rope and cloth pieces with leather ropes and leather pieces. The quality requirements were higher.
“Or delivery within half a month?”
Li Linna nodded.
“Where’s the price?”
“That’s my boyfriend… That’s a matter between Zhao Song and your company’s boss Li Wei.”
Boss Sun smiled inwardly and nodded in agreement without saying anything more.
“Uncle Sun.”
Li Linna hesitated for a moment before making up her mind and asked, “Li Wei, what kind of girl are you?”
Boss Sun tilted his head and looked at her. He was filled with jealousy thinking about that brat’s good fortune, so he decided to tell the truth: “Miss Li, including you, I have met Zhao Song’s four girlfriends in total, and they are all completely different.” Type, so you have no need to compare.”
“Different types?” Li Linna murmured, and then laughed.
Li Linna didn’t care whether she was the fourth or the fifth. Zhao Song had told her long ago that she had countless girlfriends. As for whether there was any bragging in it, she didn’t care. The life she has now is what she has dreamed of. She always kept in mind what Zhao Song once said.
“The less you ask for, the more you will get!” At the door of Zhonghai Electronics Mall, Director Qin left with a heavy heart
What comforted Zhao Song was that he did not refuse, but said that he would consider it.
The construction process of Dinghuai has been accelerating, especially after seeing the enthusiastic scene of seabirds, the speed has increased by 10%! Now no one can say when the first phase of the project will be completed, but it will not last more than 3 months, leaving Director Qin with little time.
After another expectant look at Director Qin’s back, Zhao Song turned around and got into the big bullet business car waiting on the roadside.
“Have you been waiting for a long time?” Zhao Song glanced at Song Guanyi in the driver’s seat and said back. In the next two rows of seats, Ding Tao, Liu Cong, Wen Zhenwen, and Liao Yingzhu were standing out.
Liu Cong shook his head, “Just talking for a while.”
“Have you told your family about everything?” Zhao Song asked again. At this time, the vehicle had slowly started moving towards the Capital International Airport.
/Liu Cong smiled and said, “I’ve explained it.”
“That’s good!” Zhao Song turned back, slumped down on the co-pilot, and looked ahead in silence.
After Bullethead turned smoothly onto the main road of the Fourth Ring Road, Zhao Song slowly spoke.
“It’s not easy for us to come all the way now! Now I’m just taking the opportunity to see Liu Cong off, so I’ll talk about my plans for Tesla, so that everyone has a clear idea.”
“There’s no chance of PDA, so we will Just focus on the other two!”
“Boss, are the negotiations on PHS in the island country just to prepare for mobile phones?” Liu Cong asked.
“That’s right!” Zhao Song nodded, “PHS is not a mobile phone and does not require a license. This is our opportunity. Through PHS, we can establish our own supply chain. Once the country o