d, “Isn’t it just about managing human affairs? You have to be a foreigner. ” Sister

d, “Isn’t it just about managing human affairs? You have to be a foreigner. ” Sister
Gui, it is different from the old-fashioned personnel management.”
Gui Luyang waved his hand and interrupted Liu Cong’s explanation. When I was about to take up the position of HR, I agreed without even thinking about it. I didn’t expect it to be such an important position.”
Ding Tao and Liu Cong couldn’t help but imagine the situation at that time.
“Just laugh if you want,” Gui Luyang also laughed. Thinking of the Peking University course certificate in his hand, he sighed, “The money I spent on me is enough to hire a powerful HR director, right?
” If you become silent, less money will be spent on whom?
At this time, Director Qin of Zhonghai came over and said, “Xiao Ding, let’s go to the sixth floor first.”
Director Qin shook hands with Gui Luyang and headed to Wutong Building first.
“Director Qin, after all, Tesla did not wait until your Dinghuai was completed.”
“Then we will open a flagship store in Dinghuai by then.” Director Qin said with a smile, “Besides, according to your development speed, Wutong Building This place may not last long. ”
“Uncle Qin, our boss said that if the management of Dingshao Mall cannot keep up and there is a phenomenon of soliciting and bullying, he may not open a flagship store.”
/Director Qin . He stopped, turned around and asked, “Then why does he rent such a big place?”
“…open a McDonald’s.” Ding Tao said embarrassedly. He was already used to Zhao Song’s unusual thinking mode. .
Director Qin’s face darkened instantly, “Where is Zhao Song? Why doesn’t he come over?”
“Uncle Qin, from now until he comes back from the island country, our boss will not come over.” Director
Qin looked in front of him in surprise. Several people were about to say something. Suddenly, the TV in the lobby of Wutong Building turned up the volume, and the loud national anthem sounded. Several people quickly looked at the TV.
“Chen Zhong, from the Central Plains, has played basketball for four years since he was a child. Because of his tall stature and amazing talent, he joined the Taekwondo team when he was 13 years old.”
“Since Taekwondo only entered the Olympics this year, Chen Zhong represented the Flower Planting Team and won the first ever Olympic medal The first gold medal in Taekwondo! She is only 18 years old this year, and her path will be even more glorious in the future!”
Director Qin looked at the little girl running with the national flag on the TV and exclaimed: “This is such an amazing girl! One, right?”
Ding Tao and the others nodded, staring at the TV for a long time.
“Our flower planting team has done a great job this year! Let’s go, let’s get down to business.”
“Uncle Qin, wait a minute.” Ding Tao looked at Chen Zhong who had walked into the interview area on the TV and said, “Listen to what she said? ”
Director Qin looked at the serious expressions of several people, and immediately seemed to understand something, and quickly looked at the TV.
At this time, C