omes slow, it is not necessary to replace it with a new one temporarily. You can upgrade it by adding accessories.

omes slow, it is not necessary to replace it with a new one temporarily. You can upgrade it by adding accessories.
On the Frozen ASUS motherboard, there are three memory slots, three IDE interfaces, and Tesla’s unique core-freeze four-heat pipe radiator, 230W, which is produced by Great Wall Group. The factory-made capacitor chassis power supply is enough to meet the upgrade needs in the next two years.
As for the fantasy console next to it, I will not introduce it. You can compare them one by one through your own eyes! What you see. ”
It’s really breaking the industry rules to talk about OEM products that can no longer be easily configured. Zhao Song is talking about the dealer opposite, and it’s not a fantasy!
Ignoring the angry fantasy store manager opposite, Zhao Song and Ding Tao placed two hosts with side panels removed on the table at the entrance of the store.
Zhao Song glanced around, “Compared to the price of the opposite Tianxi series, which has changed three times in two months, Tesla has not changed! 6888, it has always been there, neither increasing nor decreasing. Until the next new product appears! As for after-sales service,” Zhao Song said with a bright smile, “As the first and only computer brand in the PC industry that dares to implement a comprehensive recall, it should be worthy of everyone’s trust.
Finally, I wish you all a happy shopping. .”
/As soon as Zhao Song finished speaking, the crowd dispersed, and a large group of customers immediately poured into the Tesla image store, and Pingping and others rushed to greet them.
Ding Tao followed the crowd and walked up to the fantasy store manager unintentionally, “Forget it for today, there will be a lot of Tesla guys coming from Zhonghai tomorrow! I hope you can also show off your energy to bully a group of girls tomorrow, let’s continue !” After saying that, Ding Tao patted his face and returned to Zhao Song, leaving the store manager with a red face.
Looking at Manager Wu of Pacific Ocean with the same gloomy face, Zhao Song burst into laughter and said: “Manager Wu,” he didn’t even call him uncle, “there are less than two years of the contract left, you have to rent the store to me, and you can advertise I have to worry about it. If a situation like today happens again and scares the part-time female students, before Hangda University asks me to hold it accountable, I will fight for Tesla and unite all the general dealers to cut off Kyoto Pacific. Goods from the accessories business!”
“Zhao Song, uncle…”
“You can do it,” Zhao Song waved his hand quickly, “I don’t dare to ask for it from an uncle who only knows how to cheat juniors. ”
No matter what the reason, Zhao
Song! Song didn’t want to hear it anymore. Things that could be solved by just a few security guards were not solved even after Zhao Song came

This afternoon, Zhao Song had been standing at the entrance of the Tesla Image Store to welcome them to the store. Inside the store, When the part-time girls at Hangzhou University had free time, they all l