i Wei was disdainful.

i Wei was disdainful.
“You deserve it!” Bai Li was not polite at all when she spoke about her hair.
“What about you?” When it came to Zhao Song, Li Wei couldn’t control her temper and said angrily, “Don’t you deserve it?”
/“No.” Bai Li smiled brightly, “During this time, he wanted to drag me into bed. It’s okay, but he won’t do it.”
Li Wei looked at Fa Xiao in confusion, this once-famous goddess in the compound actually said such a thing.
“It’s up to me~”
Bai Li sighed and drank the rest of the wine. After the bartender refilled the glass and left, she continued, “I really don’t feel anything about Liu Yupeng and cats and dogs. As for Zhao Song, I treat him 100%.” Friend, but he saved me, helped me and took care of my whole family, so he is willing to do anything to me, at least I won’t suffer!”
After hearing these words, Li Wei blushed and gritted her teeth and glared at Bai Li.
Shrugging and ignoring Li Wei’s appearance, Bai Li said sarcastically: “At the beginning of college, he returned to his old ways, but he didn’t feel sorry for each of you, did he?”
Li Wei’s eyes were red.
“He really wants to rip his heart out for each of you, right?”
Li Wei lowered his head.
“So I won’t suffer any loss from being with such a person. I will even take advantage of him. After all, he will be the richest man in the world in the future. He is so interesting and can satisfy a woman’s vanity and petty thoughts.”
Li Wei gritted her teeth . , secretly cursing herself for being so full and feeling angry: “Then why did you leave?”
“I said it was casual~”
Betty shrugged nonchalantly, “Because of that girl in France, so people like him Even if you have any thoughts, you have to endure it, so I will leave~”
Bai Li smiled easily, “If I don’t leave, his men will have to rob me.”
“What do you mean?”
“You mean, people think it’s because of that. My beauty makes the rich man Tian Tianmao not do anything serious at home.” Bai Li joked, which made Li Wei furious. “I always feel that Zhao Song values ??marriage and children more than career.”
“Ha~” Li Wei suddenly laughed. Get up, “Bai Li, I think if you leave him now, you will definitely regret it in the future. From what I understand about Li Linna’s situation, she” 135 Chinese
Bai Li suddenly approached Li Wei and interrupted her, with a red face, Misty eyes and charming smile: “Li Wei, what happened to that girl has nothing to do with me, but because of that girl or me, Zhao Song is very irritable now and will not be calm in anything he does.
He has plans for the Yiren Group , but overestimated my ability.”
Bai Li slowly put away her smile, stared at Li Wei and said word by word:
/“I’m different from you, I never cheat him! If you can’t do it, you can’t do it, as long as there is no delay. He just misunderstood it.”
“You~” Li Wei was fuming. The scars that she had worked hard to repair in the past two years were brought out again by Bai Li, making her heart ache. “You~ will~ later. ~Regret~”
“I said, I am free.” The angrier Li Wei gets, the happ