to go. From now on, Tesla is willing to take the first step and pave a way for domestic peers.

Tomorrow, we will rush to a new battlefield to deal with those investment banks and record companies. Once Tesla achieves its goal, an ecosystem from products to services, from the Internet to reality will appear in the hands of our company. inside.
Although it only includes music, who knows in the future?
A horse can’t take ten steps with one leap; a horse can ride ten times without giving up its merits.
The road has to be taken step by step. With this step, who can be sure that Tesla cannot stand in the position of the WTELL Alliance? Who can be sure that flower growers will not be able to create a perfect world… ?
Attached: Part of the product catalog that has passed the test of United Semiconductor. ”
Gently putting down the letter, the big secretary closed his eyes and started thinking.
Touching the play button, a gentle and gentle string sound came.
The big secretary closed his eyes again, and then opened his eyes again due to the intervention of metal rock style. Then, the song came, making him…close his eyes again:
“I don’t know how many summers and autumns the sun has set and the moon has risen.
I don’t know how long I have been running like this
… ..
fly with me
in the perfect world
go with me just like a bird
Nothing can stop the world of freedom
………………… ……..
At this time, it was already dusk, and the sunshine suddenly became shy.
At the door of the city hall, my brother said goodbye to Dr. Zhang, and then took the little hand stretched out from the big bear’s body and walked towards the door. Walking outside.
The French plane trees on both sides of the road are lush and green, blocking the sunlight shining here without a trace, so that the street lights in the city hall are turned on in advance.
In the distance, the setting sun outlines the lines of the city with its afterglow. This ancient magic city is full of charm,
people can’t help but fall into wonderful memories.
/“He asked me if I wanted to go to school here! ” “A clear voice came from Big Bear’s body: “I said listen to brother! ”
Speaking of this, Xiaoyu’s cute little head finally emerged from behind the big bear. He looked at Zhao Song doubtfully and asked: “Brother, aren’t we going back?
“Go back! ” ”
Zhao Song said angrily and funny. It was such a blatant poaching. I wonder how the capital would react if they knew about it.
“But if everything goes well tomorrow, I may have to stay here for a while! ”
Having said this, Zhao Song looked at Xiao Yu: “If you don’t want to go back, you can consider the secretary’s opinion. It’s also good to experience the learning atmosphere of the Magic City!
“Say it again, say it again! ” ”
Xiao Yuyan said insincerely. She neither wanted to go back nor go to school.
Zhao Song smiled. On this beautiful evening, it was rare to have a girl by his side. He had no intention of embarrassing Xiao Yu and ch