is world chaotic.

is world chaotic.
Zhao Song was willing to be a chess piece, but as long as someone could place him where he should go, he would. Let everyone know that even a chess piece can…
determine the outcome with one word

“Zhao Song. ”
“Go ahead and do what you have to do. ” ”
“yes! ”
Looking for some logical errors.
/No guarantee.
The next few days will be calm days.
Calm and calm days are just about Zhao Song’s life.
For Shenzhou, which was quietly saving, Tesla on the eve of the outbreak, and these two For many suppliers of Miracle Company, it is extremely busy.
There is no day or night, and they have too many projects waiting to be developed and countless products waiting to be launched. , They are competing for time with their competitors.
There are also countless international capitals.
The promising Tesla has won the qualification to market globally at the expense of capital opening, but for those greedy capital, The two-year waiting period was too long, until they discovered the Wanwan Stock Market and saw Zhao Song’s personal representative Liao Yingzhu dominating there, a gluttonous feast began unstoppably,
especially on September 9th, Beijing time ! , the first episode of the eighth season of “Friends” with an average viewership of more than 30 million was broadcast during prime time in the United States on the other side of the ocean.
When the handsome Joey said “Tesla” in a colloquial noun, everyone was shocked. We all know that the Tesla trend is unstoppable. At
a.m. Beijing time,
the world’s first picnic tent was erected at the Tesla Wangfujing Super Flagship Store, which opened in grand style the next day. There are still 24 hours left for Tesla Tpod cssic to be launched globally.
Seven hours later, the first, second… and seven tents in the United States were set up at the Tesla flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York
. , Europe…
3 hours later, Japan…
4 hours later, the Middle East…
At this moment, for investment managers around the world, in addition to ruthlessly While cursing why Tesla is not a listed company, we can only turn our attention to Wanwan and place it on a company called Huashi Group.
Considering the political, economic, geographical, and commercial relationships, everyone knows that Liao Yingzhu takes it. The acquisition of Huashi by a company with DNW skin is just a joke, but everyone believes that they will never be the last player to spread the word

” The flowers on the roadside are blooming, and
the fruits on the trees are waiting to be picked,
waiting to be picked…”
/Wanwan, the rooftop restaurant on the 58th floor of the 101 Building.
Liao Yingzhu, who had finished her morning tea and signed a betting contract. , clutching her belly and humming, like a happy bird, she walked out of the private room bobbing and turning.
It was obvious that she was in a good mood. Even in the busy lobby, she did not hide her frustration. He also deliberately amplified his voice: