te, and a warm feeling suddenly filled his body.

te, and a warm feeling suddenly filled his body.
“I feel relieved to see you didn’t drink coffee!”
Suddenly, a familiar voice came. Wan Hean looked up and stood up immediately.
“Boss!” he said hello and glanced at Zhao Song’s long legs behind him. The otaku’s sultriness was fully exposed.
/“Just call me by name.” Zhao Song waved his hand and said cheerfully: “What are you thinking about? So attentive.”
Wan He’an hesitated for a moment, then asked the question lingering in his heart, “Boss, what did you do? “Arrived?”
Wan Hean nodded frequently!
/Seeing the researchers slowly surrounding him, Zhao Song lowered his head and thought for a while, organized his words, and then spoke patiently.
“UTStarcom only has one product: PHS. If PHS succeeds, UTStarcom will succeed; if PHS fails, UTStarcom will close down. So they have no scruples. The core network uses American switch architecture and the wireless network uses No one can control the base station of the island country until the national policy is formulated! Everyone understands this?”
They all nodded.
“But ZTE is different. It is clear that its main business is interactive computer technology, but in the PHS project, they did not dare to use it and could only re-develop the access network architecture. Why is this?”
Ask you! A group of researchers opened their eyes to Zhao Song with wide eyes, and the meaning in their eyes was extremely clear!
“Because Zhonghua Telecom does not have a mobile business license, operating PHS is suspected of violating the regulations! Because ZTE’s switches serve China Unicom and China Mobile, PHS is only one of the company’s many products, and will not be affected for the benefit of one PHS product. The company’s other products.”
After saying this, Zhao Song paused and saw some people were thoughtful and some looked confused before finally adding.
“Because I’m worried about national policies. The access network is connected to the fixed network switch to make calls, so it is part of the fixed line and is more politically reliable.”
Wan He’an scratched his head, “Why can you convince them to change the core network?” Use an interactive computer architecture?”
Zhao Song smiled and looked out the window of the laboratory, where the tall Pacific Building was facing the north.
“Because, no matter which city establishes the PHS experimental bureau in the future, Shenzhou Technology will come forward as the second Party B and be responsible for the supply of all core network equipment!” He
stepped forward and put his arm around Wan Hean’s shoulders, “Place the PHS solution as soon as possible Do it well! ZTE is afraid, but Shenzhou is not afraid! Whether our Tesla Microelectronics can be self-sufficient depends on this!”
My father, the Ministry of Information Industry, separated my son Telecom into a branch and split it again this year. With one blow from his own son, South China Telecom and North China Netcom were formed, and they were not even given a mobile license.
Now, my son Telecom wants