I looked at the scene in the car. Ashiya Yoshiko turned into a good girl in front of Jun Yan. She didn’t look like a arrogant little princess at all. She kept shouting “Ouni-san” and almost threw herself into Jun Yan’s arms. .
“Where are we going to eat?” I asked while sitting in the car and lighting a cigarette.
“Ahem, can you please stop smoking!” Yoshiko Ashiya shouted in disgust. At this moment, Jun Yan happened to light a cigarette, but Ashiya Yoshiko turned around and took a tissue and handed it over to flick the ashes. The difference in treatment was clear at a glance.
“I know a very good restaurant, and the owner is a friend of mine. Not many people go there, but the food is delicious, and they offer a home-brewed sake that is very delicious, and the taste is a bit like ours in China “Lao Baigan.”
When we arrived at the place, we parked the car and sat in the restaurant. It was already getting dark outside. There are not many customers, but the boss and the waiter are quite enthusiastic. I have to mention here that Japan’s service industry is still very good. The waiters are quite enthusiastic, which is called vitality in Japanese.
After the food was served and the wine poured, the three of them started chatting.
“Sister Fangzi, guess how old Ba Xiaoshan is?” Jun Yan said with a smile after taking a sip of wine.
“He?” Ashiya Yoshiko looked at me and said. “Twenty years old? I think you might be a little younger than me.”
Hearing this, Jun Yan laughed, while I shook my head helplessly. My face has never changed, and it is indeed easy for people to misunderstand it.
“Everyone regrets it after they have passed their youth. Shanzi, it’s great that you can stay young forever, haha.” Jun Yan’s coquettish words were all one after another.
“I’m in my thirties and almost forty.” I said depressedly and took a sip of wine.
/“Impossible!” Yoshiko Ashiya looked at me in surprise, then came over and took a closer look. Not to mention that as I got closer, a girl’s fragrance hit my face. I quickly stepped back and said, “Girl, don’t get so close to me.”
“How can I see if you have wrinkles if you don’t get closer? Something like that. That’s weird, are you really in your thirties?” She came closer again, and the atmosphere was immediately ambiguous. Of course, I felt more embarrassed.
“How do you stay so young for so many years?” she asked strangely.
“This is a long story. Sister Fangzi, do you want to hear a story?” Jun Yi next to him asked in a low voice.
“A story about this man you hate.” Jun Yan was drinking, the lights in the restaurant were soft, Ashiya Yoshiko looked at me in surprise and then at Jun Yan, and nodded.
/Junyi knew my affairs very well. After finishing the meal, he roughly told me what happened to me in China over the years. Not only Ashiya Yoshiko, but also the entire restaurant, including the boss and waiters, and several other tables of guests gathered around. Listening. The protagonist of my story was awkwardly drinking wine and eating sashimi. Jun Y