d men in black were holding the weak Tao. The old man came in. But waiting in the cabin was the wily Yue Cheng.

d men in black were holding the weak Tao. The old man came in. But waiting in the cabin was the wily Yue Cheng.
“It turns out that the person those stupid kids are looking for is you.” Old Man Tao glanced at Yue Cheng. Although he said so, he actually didn’t show much surprise. “Can you tell me what conditions these silly kids used to impress you?”
/Yue Cheng lit a cigarette and said with a serious but surprisingly calm expression: “I have always heard that Mr. Sha appointed you to make a mysterious magic weapon. “I’m very interested in this magical weapon.”
“That’s it, cough.” Old Tao laughed, but he coughed again and again, “Sorry, I am relatively weak, as Mr. Sha’s staff. “You don’t know what Mr. Sha has assigned me to research?”
“This is top secret. Not to mention me, only you and Mr. Sha in the entire 507 will retain the memory of this improved magic weapon.” Those who study this magical instrument will also have their memories erased after the research is completed. Those researchers who come to me still retain their memories, which means that the research on improving the magical instrument has not been completed.”
“It is true that it is not completed. About fifty-three percent.”
“I want to know what exactly Sha Lao asked you to study, and what magic weapon can become the top secret of Institute 507.”
/Old Man Tao did not answer immediately. He raised his eyes and took a look. Yue Cheng in front of him said: “Are you sure you want to know? Curiosity will kill the cat.”
“Haha, as long as you don’t report me, how will Mr. Sha know? And even if he knows, so what? Now Zhong is eight years old Seriously injured, you and Jiayi still obey Sha Lao on the surface, but secretly they have been taking care of Ba Xiaoshan. At this moment, Sha Lao is deserted, and I am the only one who can rely on him. If he wants to eliminate me, then who can help him. Help him stabilize the situation in House 507. ”
What a plan. He is indeed the number one counselor under Mr. Sha’s command.” Old Man Tao asked for a glass of water and continued after drinking, “I can tell you that the current one can even be activated. I’ll also tell you the password of the magic weapon. But you have to promise me something.”
“You said.” Yue Cheng doesn’t like negotiating terms, because negotiating terms represents an opportunity.
Old man Tao spoke with a faint smile as the cargo ship rocked and the waves roared. The moment he finished speaking, the calmness and indifference that Yue Cheng had maintained across the street was finally broken at this moment. A look of surprise flashed through his solemn eyes. After hesitating for a moment, he said: “You are playing a very big game. But is it worth it?”
“507, we need a new sun.” Old Man Tao still smiled, but there was nothing unusual about this smile at this moment. Yue Cheng’s eyes were filled with destruction and darkness.
On the sea. Five minutes had passed, and Deputy Director Xia’s people still couldn’t find Mr. Tao, and I decided to give him a kick. The fifth prince punched