coffin placed in the middle was vaguely visible.

coffin placed in the middle was vaguely visible.
“Don’t rush in, explore the way first. This kind of place may not be safe.”
Gu Yu stood at the door, took out two paper figures from his pocket, and then pressed them at the entrance of the hole. He stretched out his hand and muttered something, and then the paper man slowly rose from the ground. His body swayed slightly, as if it was tied with a thread, and it gradually stood upright under the pull of the thread.
“These are the two little devils I raised. Okay, let’s go in and explore.”
Gu Yu whispered, and the two paper figures walked slowly towards the dark secret room without any external help.
I suddenly clenched my fists, holding back the anger in my heart, and I was on the verge of going crazy. But at this moment, Luo Qiong, who had just walked into the secret room, suddenly stepped on something. He only heard a “click” sound, as if he had hit some mechanism, and then the secret room slowly began to close. Unexpectedly, we saw what was in front of us. The huge stone wall is closing little by little!
The emergency happened too quickly. The wall in front of it closed several times faster than it opened. The entire underground river began to shake violently, and stones and dust continued to fall from some weak places. The rocks made a violent noise after rubbing against each other, and pieces of stone chips fell down one after another.
“What did you step on?”
Gu Yu roared angrily. Luo Qiong himself was quite panicked and looked back at us in surprise. At this time, the wall in front of it has closed by one-third, and the speed is getting faster and faster.
“Luo Qiong, come out quickly!”
/I waved to Luo Qiong, and he raised his feet and walked towards the exit. At this time, two-thirds of the earth wall was closed.
The fat man reached out to pull the handle of the mechanism that opened the door next to him. However, even with his great strength, the handle still showed no response. He gritted his teeth and suppressed his blush, but he could not pull the mechanism back.
“Open it for me!”
The fat man tried his best to suck the milk, but it was of no use at all. In the end, he could only give up and shouted breathlessly: “The mechanism is not responding, Luo Qiong, come out quickly.”
Luo Qiong was already here He ran outside the earth wall and was about to reach out with one hand. At this moment, the sarcophagus behind him suddenly opened. There was a loud noise when the lid of the coffin was opened. Then Luo Qiong suddenly screamed and seemed to be pulled by something. , and kept pulling back.
“Fuck, someone is pulling me, Brother Shan, someone is pulling me!”
I heard him keep shouting to me, half lying on the ground, surrounded by darkness, and I couldn’t see clearly what was pulling him back. I was anxious in my heart, so I didn’t care so much. The moment the earth wall closed, I rushed in!
The fat man followed closely behind, and just as we rushed in, the earthen wall closed and there was a loud “rumbling” sound, and the surrounding