oke slowly appeared around Lin Xin. The smoke slowly rotated around him, vaguely covering his figure in the mist.

oke slowly appeared around Lin Xin. The smoke slowly rotated around him, vaguely covering his figure in the mist.
He placed his hands on both ends of the sword, and traces of the five qi wrapped around his five fingers.
His hands suddenly formed two different mudras, and the five qi on his fingers were intertwined like lines, intertwined into two different shapes, and flew out like flowers.
Immediately afterwards, his hands began to form a second pair of different mudras.
Then came the third pair and the fourth pair.
Gradually, Lin Xin’s hand speed became faster and faster, more and more urgent.
Densely colored handprints floated out and slowly rotated around him.
Dozens, hundreds, thousands! !
When all the handprints had completely obscured his body from view.
puff! !
All the handprints suddenly exploded and turned into countless colored smoke. A large amount of colored smoke began to quickly gather towards Lin Xin in the center, like a huge smoke funnel.
The bottom of the loophole is Lin Xin’s mouth and nose.
A large amount of colored smoke quickly penetrated into his mouth and nose.
/When the last trace of smoke enters the nose.
/As soon as he opened his eyes, his eyes revealed a faint red glow of more than half a foot, making a thin sound like air jetting out.
“It will work out,”
he breathed in relief.
The Qi refining period has finally come. The biggest difficulty in practicing Qi is to accumulate five different attributes of Qi. However, Lin Xin overcame this difficulty by killing and plundering.
His consciousness reached inside his body, and he already had the ability to see inside.
He could vaguely see a colorful oval vortex on his chest and abdomen, which was slowly rotating. Inside is the five qi he collected so hard.
In the center of the vortex, there is a small pitch black ball, and the surface of the ball faintly flows and flashes with a faint reddish light like an electric current.
“According to the law, the black ball is the spiritual core, and the glimmer of light on the surface should be spiritual energy, but shouldn’t it be white? Why?”
He looked carefully at the glimmer of light on the surface of the black ball and repeatedly confirmed I tried it many times and it is indeed light red.
As soon as his mind moved, the faint red light shot out instantly like an arc, many, many times faster than the previous inner energy mobilization speed.
Almost as a thought.
“It’s indeed spiritual energy.” He injected the faint red spiritual energy into the palm of his right arm.
Suddenly, his right palm turned slightly red.
Gently aim your right palm at the ground and stab downward.
As soon as the tip of his palm touched the floor tile, there was a violent hissing sound like corrosion. In the blink of an eye, the ground was stabbed down easily by the palm of his hand until it reached his wrist.
“This is not Guiyuan Spiritual Energy.” Lin Xin felt awe-struck, knowing that something was wrong with him.
The nature of the spiritual energy