, it means that some immortals and gods from the middle-level third order and high-level third order in heaven will attend the meeting.

, it means that some immortals and gods from the middle-level third order and high-level third order in heaven will attend the meeting.
At this time, Zhang Jian, as the Nine Nether Spirit Emperor of the Three Realms, was naturally among the people in the court, and he was standing in the middle of the ranks of the gods in heaven. He was no longer like the last time, he could only stand behind the Three Yuan Emperor.
At this time, his divine status was at the same level as that of the Three Yuan Emperors, and they were on an equal footing.
/In front are all the ancient immortals and ancient gods from heaven.
Most of them are ancient gods and immortal kings from the three ranks of princes.
At this time, when Lord Taibai Xing announced the main topic of this meeting, the immortals were slightly in an uproar.
There are very few immortals in heaven who die in battle like Ming Yue Ghost Emperor.
The Ghost Emperor of Netherworld is in charge of the power of Mingyue, the underworld of Netherworld.
The radiant hole of the dark moon illuminates the Nine Netherworld Mansion of countless netherworld dimensions!
Such authority is very heavy.
After pondering for a while, an ancient immortal spoke from above.
“The Ghost Emperor Mingyue has fallen, and the underworld of Jinquan has once again fallen into the hands of the demonic clan outside the world. This is a shame to Heaven, and it is very sad!
But the plan for now is to send another Heavenly warrior to lead the Heavenly soldiers and gods to quickly Recover Jinquan Underworld to prevent thousands of creatures from falling into the hands of outside demons and causing even greater disasters!”
In the Lingxiao Palace, the expressions of many immortals and gods became extremely solemn.
It is obvious that Jinquan Underworld must be taken back.
A place of hell is related to the safety of more than one place of life.
As soon as the ancient immortal finished speaking, Taojun Qingxia glanced at an ancient god in the distance. The ancient god immediately cut off the unspoken words of the ancient immortal in front of him.
“Great Heavenly Lord, your majesties, since this is the case, without further delay, it is better to send a heavenly Taoist king down to earth, with the help of the stars, to recover the golden spring underworld as soon as possible!”
After his words fell, another local emperor with a high status immediately agreed. .
“What Mufu Xingjun said is true. Recovering Jinquan Underworld as soon as possible will save more living beings, and it will be an act of immeasurable merit!”
The two insisted that this was a matter of great merit, and immediately attracted the attention of many powerful ancient immortals and ancient gods.
In front of the Immortal Class, an ancient god suddenly snorted coldly.
“I don’t think it’s appropriate!”
“Emperor Mingyue fell into the hands of Jin Yun Demon God, a powerful demon from the Gengjin Demon God clan. That Jin Yun Demon God was a strong man at the Taiyi Dzogchen level. I suggest that Heavenly Court al