help of the Nether Core to find top-level civilization natural weapons, right? Everyone? I agree to activate the intermediate soul defense system!”

“I agree.”
While voting, everyone seemed to already know the outcome of the vote. They each took out a strange symbol around their necks and embedded it in a concave nest on the table in front of them. In an instant, a ray of light suddenly lit up. in the room
Just when the black flame fell from the top, melting everything, burning everything and passing downwards, its descending distance was almost two hundred meters underground. Suddenly, from an unknown depth underground, a huge The fist shot straight out and violently knocked open all the floors and ceilings that were in its way. No matter how thick the super electromagnetic metal was, it could not stop it at all. In two or three seconds at most, the black flame was about to penetrate the ground. At two hundred meters, this huge fist was already in front of the black flames. With a slight hiss, the black flames dissipated into nothingness. Not only that, this huge fist even broke through straight upwards, snap. Bang bang, it broke an unknown number of rooms along the way, and then hit the 100-meter giant hard at about 150 meters above the ground, pushing it upwards and crushing the ceiling. , smashed the room building, and with a bang, it was knocked out of the giant building and directly into the air.
sky! This fist alone is forty to fifty meters in size, and its arm is more than two to three hundred meters long. It is a fist that looks like a metal or robot structure. The silver light is shining and the lines are clear. It is raised like this. Above the ground, it looks like a hill.
When this huge fist knocked the 100-meter giant that Rocky transformed out of the building, a huge roar came from the depths of the ground, and the sound was like a volcano erupting!
At this moment in the sky, Pei Jiao was pinched by the black dragon’s claws. Compared with the legendary fantasy species with a body length of ten meters, it can only be said that Pei Jiao is a slightly larger insect compared to those ordinary ones. For humans, the idea of ??slightly larger bugs would naturally make sense.
/The black dragon seemed to be very angry about the attack on its back scale. It even tore and kneaded Pei Jiao’s thunderous body for a long time. When Pei Jiao could no longer resist, it took a sharp breath and prepared to spit out the dragon’s breath, but At this moment, suddenly a purple thunder light rushed from far away.
This purple thunder light is different from the silver thunder light emitted by Pei Jiao. Pei Jiao’s silver thunder light is better said to be a kind of energy than thunder and lightning, such as the thunder and lightning light ball he condenses, such as the heroic gun blade he uses Just like firing energy bullets, you can still see the trajectory of the shot, and the speed is far from the speed of light, so the silver lightning is more like energy using electric current as the car