step by step. As it walked, it said hoarsely: “Those who gave me consciousness told me that as long as I absorb and own this world, I will continue to hunt and kill people like you.” If the same soul enriches this world, then sooner or later I will become the master of this world and can change it into the world I want to change.”

“Small building, small garden, afternoon tea, coffee, tobacco, comrades training and laughing together, as well as the respected Mr. Lincoln, Misha and little Jack, their smiles and tears, their hands and faces”
“For them, for everything in that memory, I would rather turn into a demon! Hunting you who were once my kind!”
The red devil’s hoarse voice seemed to be filled with fatigue, but its movements did not stop at all. It walked towards Pei Jiao slowly and urgently, and the flaming saber was about to slash downwards.
Suddenly, a ray of pure white light flew over quickly and hit the red devil’s flame saber with a snap, knocking the red devil back several steps. It was not until the white light hit the ground that Pei Jiao could see clearly. What is this white light? It is a huge sword that looks like a door panel.
At the same time, on the edge of the battlefield, densely packed free souls appeared there, led by a man and a woman, both fair-skinned young people. The man Pei Jiao had seen before was the head of the American Soul Organization. , High Escaper Varosti!
Reinforcements have arrived!
The moment he saw the reinforcements arriving, Pei Jiao relaxed and almost fainted. However, he was still not out of danger, and the flaming giant ax was still in the belly of the red demon. How could he faint just like that? So he gritted his teeth and pushed through. At the same time, he tried to move his body as much as possible, moving towards the reinforcements in the distance.
/Where can the red devil give him what he wants? The flaming whip in his hand flickered and curled, and it had already wrapped around Pei Jiao’s feet. He lifted it upside down, and at the same time, the flaming saber in his hand slashed at him again.
At such a critical moment, the Zhanma Sword that had been stuck on the ground flew up again, turning into a white light blocking the flame saber, and there was another loud snap. The power of this Zhanma Sword was surprisingly great. He slashed the red demon back a few steps again, and even Pei Jiao fell to the ground again.
Just when Pei Jiao was on the verge of despair, a gust of green wind suddenly swept past him. Before he could think about it, a voice suddenly said urgently: “Quickly release the ‘liberation’ state!”
This voice is John’s voice. So he is still alive? Pei Jiao didn’t hesitate, and immediately subsided from the thunder giant state. Then he saw John’s body covered with green wind, and he carried him and ran away desperately far away.
/And the reinforcements in the distance didn’t just watch, they also rushed towards the red devil quickly, but obviously they also knew how powerful the red devil was. Only a dozen people rushed at the head, while the r