e been soul bodies for a long time, and they obviously have a relationship with each other.

It was because of the above two points that Pei Jiao had to be careful. He did not dare to show his confusion that he knew nothing. Anyway, he was just following the trend, and then slowly found out what was going on and why these souls were not black. Breath, why didn’t they enter the underworld?
When Pei Jiao walked into the group of people, one of them’s eyes immediately became blank. He just glanced at Pei Jiao briefly, then nodded to the person next to him, and the person next to him immediately stretched out his hand. Gradually, ten ping-pong-sized light particles appeared on his hand. Without saying much, he patted the light particles into Pei Jiao’s body. Then the person looked at them with contempt on his face. Pei Jiao waved his hand and signaled him to leave.
Pei Jiao was so shocked that he couldn’t describe it. He didn’t expect that this so-called taking something was actually to obtain a standard energy body. That thing was the main component of the soul. How could it be given to others so easily? Isn’t that person afraid that his soul will disappear into thin air?
With such doubts in his mind, Pei Jiao casually floated towards the distant street. His head was full of unanswerable questions. Moreover, he was now in Washington, the capital of the United States. Going to China was not an easy task. It seems that he still needs to go to the airport to check. He should be able to find a flight to China.
“Hey that Japanese, did you just die?” Just when Pei Jiao was confused and confused, such a voice suddenly came from behind him. He was so frightened that he immediately turned around, and then he saw floating behind him. Looking at the Western beauty who reminded him before, she happened to look at him with a beautiful smile.
Pei Jiao’s heart was moved. He looked around and found that there were only two souls nearby: him and this Western beauty. At that moment, he no longer concealed anything, but just nodded and said: “Well, I also find it very strange. Suddenly things changed. I became a soul. I didn’t expect that people actually have souls after death. By the way, I’m not Japanese, I’m Chinese!”
/The Western beauty showed an expression of extreme surprise. She seemed to have seen something unbelievable. She opened her mouth with almost no restraint and said: “Is it impossible? I just said it casually, you are really a talent. A dead person? Then you relied on your own strength to escape from your sins? Oh my god, are there really people who can escape from their sins on their own?”
Pei Jiao smiled. He floated about three meters next to the Western beauty. This position is where he can emit the power of thunder and lightning most accurately and quickly. He smiled and said: “Are the sins you are talking about those black auras that are lingering around you? The black aura? Yes, I got rid of my sins on my own, but what happened to all of this? Why do we have souls after death, and what about those sins? B