was impossible to say anything good. However, Pei Jiao’s strength estimate was also passed on, so although the Italians looked at the two of them with cold expressions, But he didn’t do anything extraordinary.

Because of this, when the news from the United States came over, the free souls in Italy who had received the two men were immediately shocked and broke into a cold sweat. They also began to secretly curse the French people for being unethical. They only approximated Pei Jiao’s strength. He said it, but he didn’t say the most important thing: Pei Jiao is on the road to find the truth!
The road to seeking the truth represents the half-step to the true demon level, and it also represents “lawlessness”, “doing whatever you want”, etc. Of course, this lawlessness and doing whatever you want also refers to the person’s original character, but what if this Pei What should I do if Jiao also has a domineering character like Gong Yeyu? Then forget about the immediate destruction of the Italian Soul Organization, just like the Soul Organization in another European country. Until now, there are only two or three kittens struggling there. All because when Gong Yeyu entered the road of seeking truth, Caused by the bad relationship with him.
/Pei Jiao’s heart was clear at this moment, like the ancient well reflecting the moonlight. All the thoughts and expressions of the people around him were in his mind, but he didn’t care at all. He just found the special soul who could exchange for the food of obsession. The fat white man in his thirties handed him the 5,100-point natural weapon. Ignoring the gasps and exclamations from the people around him, he found a seat at random and sat down. , and then watched the fat man melt these obsession foods there.
This fat man looks like the kind of pampered person at first glance. Not only was he like this before he was alive, he was also like this after he was born with the special ability to synthesize obsession food. Think about it, he charges obsession at a ratio of ten to one. There are only a few people in the world who can combine obsession with food. He estimates that he can get hundreds of quantities of obsession food every month. If calculated over many years, his own obsession is estimated to be around one or two thousand. Bar.
Pei Jiao was really curious. He said to the fat man, “How much capacity do you have for your own obsession?”
/Fatty is trying his best to melt these natural weapons. His special ability is somewhat similar to Yang Dingtian’s, except that Yang Dingtian’s melting obsession is a mercury-like liquid, while his melting obsession is a silver-white mist. The mist was floating around him like clouds, neither drifting away nor dissipating. It looked very strange.
The fat man was slightly stunned when he heard this, and immediately smiled bitterly and said: “Many people think that my special ability must be the most profitable among all special abilities. The accumulation of obsession must be thousands. In fact, this is simply a misunderstanding. , when we us