t opportunity to gain. You must know that there were more than two hundred free souls with natural weapons present, most of whom There are only less than ten true demon-level natural weapons, so three true demon-level ghosts are definitely a great temptation for them!

“Then everyone gather your teams and we’ll set off in ten minutes!”
/At the same time, inside the north and south battlefields, Pei Jiao and others had reached the edge of the core battlefield and were preparing to start mopping up the large number of ordinary ghosts.
“Everyone can see clearly that the two true demon-level ghosts, one wolf and one horse, have a guarding range of about one thousand meters. Once this distance is exceeded, they will immediately return to the vicinity of the demon-level ghosts, and that The absorption range of the rune array is only about one thousand to five hundred meters, and it cannot be absorbed any further away. If we also include the shooting distance of the centaur, then our safe distance is with the demonic ghost as the center of the circle, and the radius is Two thousand meters away is our safe distance, so kill all ordinary ghosts within this range.”
Pei Jiao and others stood above the valley, looking down from a distance. At the same time, Pei Jiao pointed at the battle below and explained to the others. When he said this, he suddenly frowned and said: “Then Just form a group of five people. There are fifteen of you in total, which can be divided into three groups. I will be in a group with Yang Dingtian. As for the pseudo-Nuotou, I will order it to rush into the formation first and move the neatly arranged infantry array. When they are scattered and the entire battlefield is thrown into chaos, this way we won’t fall into a siege as we charge forward.”
“Of course, if you encounter extremely powerful demon-level peak ghosts and you are unable to deal with them yourself, you can lead them to the False Bull Head or me. Be sure to remember that you must not enter within two thousand meters. , if you find those two true demon-level ghosts approaching you, you must flee immediately and try to keep as much distance from them as possible.”
After Pei Jiao made such an arrangement, the others didn’t think there was anything wrong. After all, what they had to face was just a large number of ordinary ghosts, and the ghosts were still confused by the fake bull heads. According to their strength Generally speaking, they can indeed be easily solved. Although the number is a bit larger, but with a group of five people and will not be besieged, the security is still very high.
At that moment, everyone nodded in agreement. As Pei Jiao’s order was issued, the pseudo-Nuotou, who had been quiet all this time, suddenly stood up and let out a roar that shook the sky. Then there was a burst of crackling sounds that shattered the ground and faced the war in the distance. Run away.
/When the fake bull head first appeared, and with the roar of the bull, the three real demon-level ghosts who were besieged in the distance immediately