enly thought of those fans who traveled thousands of miles to the door of the music center hall that day just to shout “come on” to him.

They start wars with people online for themselves.
So far, it hasn’t completely stopped.
If you don’t speak.
We don’t have to quarrel anymore.
In fact, this is indeed the case.
Because I haven’t made any controversial remarks in recent issues, the barrage seems to be much more harmonious.
Everyone still quarreled occasionally.
But at least the movement is much smaller.
Until it completely disappears later.
As expected, you still have to learn to be indifferent.
It turns out that he is still a peace lover. With this thought, Lin Yuan thought that he had let go.
But in the next few days, he suddenly felt very boring.
/He didn’t want to practice singing or talk.
The family didn’t even notice that Lin Yuan’s voice was broken.
Anyway, Lin Yuan was a man of few words, so no one would find it strange if he didn’t speak for a whole day.
However, my sister seemed to have noticed Lin Yuan’s bad mood and learned a lot. She even silently ate a lot of vegetables while eating.
Mom cooks some small vegetarian dishes every day, which is a daily task assigned to Lin Yuan and Dayao Yao.
It is absolutely impossible not to finish it in one day.
Without Anji’s secret help, Lin Yuan and Dayao Yao would really be a little helpless.
that’s all.
A few days later.
Lin Yuan’s voice finally improved a lot, and it no longer affected the game, but the atmosphere of the finals had begun to quietly permeate.
There are more and more discussions about “The King of Masked Singer”, almost reaching the highest peak since the competition!
at the same time.
There are now only six singers left in the King of Masked Singer’s singer support rankings.
The first four are the kings and queens of singers.
As for King Lanling, his ranking is the lowest.
This is not surprising at all.
Everyone is more optimistic about the king and queen of singers.
but the strange thing is
Even if the support rate of Prince Lanling is far from that of the Mermaid, it is still very far away.
Lin Yuan thought this was just a normal phenomenon.
Until he was about to go out to the stadium, he heard his sister complaining:
Some times.
The tree wants to be still but the wind doesn’t stop.
Lin Yuan didn’t say anything and got directly into Gu Dong’s car and headed to the arena.
Gu Dong, who was wearing a mask to cover his face, said: “Enter through the main entrance today. The program team started filming as soon as we got off the car.”
Lin Yuan said “Yeah” and closed his eyes to rest.
Twenty minutes later.
The car is about to arrive.
Lin Yuan looked outside through the car window, seeing the roaring crowd and various support signs.
There are overlords.
There are white swans.
There is the Nemesis.
There are mermaids.
There are elves.
Of course there is also Lin Yuan.
However, at a glance, it was obvious that King Lanling’s support crowd was the smallest, and the crowds of support for other