standard energy of billions of various creatures. It is one of the cleanest energy sources in the universe and one of the main energy sources of Kunlun. First, those ghosts have almost become entrenched in the core of Kunlun after the catastrophe, and their goal seems to be this soul pool.”

Xue Na looked at Zhang Heng and others suspended in mid-air. She still spoke slowly. At the same time, she started pressing on the virtual keyboard again.
“Password account? The highest level secret order? Is there anything else like this? The great scientist’s secret order Kunlun opening instructions issued by brother Odin? What is this, idiot brother Odin, don’t I, as a preparatory great scientist, not Do you know that Kunlun is the ultimate fortress to fight against the original sin? Stupid, stupid.”
Xue Na looked at the Three-Eyed Clan text and some symbols and runes flashing in front of the keyboard. She murmured to herself in a somewhat dumbfounded way, but after saying that, she still slowly turned over the so-called Kunlun opening instructions, just casually. As she continued to look, slowly, her expression changed from neglect to solemnity, then to suspicion, and finally to horror. The change of expression was simply miraculous.
“This, is this the last resort you left behind, Brother Odin? So that’s it, is this the true use of Kunlun? The Saint Armed System”
When Xue Na was in a daze, a cold and white palm suddenly stretched out from behind her. This palm gently touched Xue Na’s little face. For the first one or two seconds, Xue Na felt very strange. It was comfortable, but she immediately woke up, jumped forward, and immediately turned her head. When she saw it, a beauty with long silver hair was leading a skeleton war horse, with a horse on its shoulders. A white-bone cat held half a broken Barbie doll in its mouth. Just now, it was this beauty with long silver hair who reached out to touch Xena.
“Who are you? Not a ghost”
/Yang Xuguang didn’t react until then. Just now, this long-haired beauty suddenly appeared behind Xue Na. He didn’t even see the process. Until then, he immediately flashed in front of Xue Na. Standing between Xue Na and the long-haired beauty, he simultaneously drew out his natural weapon and shouted at the long-haired beauty.
The long-haired beauty was originally looking at Xue Na infatuatedly. When Yang Xuguang blocked Xue Na’s figure, she immediately frowned slightly. At the same time, she looked at Yang Xuguang with a cold murderous intent.
“Humans, humans, for the sake of humans, they can even abandon my daughter and me. You humans, you humans all deserve to die!”
The cold voice of the long-haired beauty is different from Valkyrie. Valkyrie’s voice has no emotion in it, purely mechanical and cold, while the voice of this long-haired beauty contains emotion, but it is like biting frost. , just as he was talking, Yang Xuguang’s whole person was completely frozen. The huge ice block that suddenly appeared sealed him in it. It seemed that his movements and expressions did not change at all,