aster’s power while the master was still awake. This would not be a civilized natural weapon.

“A Thousand Weapon? No, absolutely impossible! Our sons of giants, the protagonists of civilization Odin and Valkyrie, although they put forward such a hypothesis, it surpassed the ultimate weapon of the entire multiverse above the artifact. But this is just a hypothesis after all, how could it appear in the hands of a human? Impossible, absolutely impossible!”
/That’s why Shiva was so desperate when she saw him appearing before. This is the name of a person, the shadow of a tree. The appearance of such an almost epic character naturally made Shiva so scared that she wanted to escaped.
But as the saying goes, the ignorant have nothing to fear. Li Lian was filled with anger at this moment. No matter if you are a giant or an ant, when the golden light explosion did not hurt him, he also knew that it must be the Immortal Sword that protected him, but he also learned from this sword. He sensed a piece of information in the Juexian Sword, which said that the energy in the Juexian Sword could protect him twice, or attack him twice.
“Twice? That’s enough! Kill this bitch and you’ll have extra energy right away!”
/After all, Li Lian is not a soul person. Most of the standard energy in his body has been absorbed by the body, so his physical quality has increased more than three or four times in this short period of time. At the same time, he also burst out with fierce fighting spirit, but the soul is obsessed with it. After all, Nian Nei does not have much standard energy, and he will definitely not be able to use such a powerful move as the Jue Xianjian, so he must kill the golden giant in front of him within two strikes, otherwise he will die no matter what he hits. Two strikes, or two strikes!
(The sword just now is indeed very powerful. It is indeed the strongest weapon of the saint, Lord Tongtian, and the legendary killing weapon. But I am not a saint, just an ordinary person. The sword just killed As I went down, I felt clearly that the power began to disperse seven or eight meters in front of me. When I reached about twenty meters, there was only strong pressure left, so I had to attack from close range!)
It was too late to say, but it was too soon. Although Li Lian thought about many things, in terms of time, it was only a small moment. This was actually a power that he had just awakened. Not only could he simulate the enemy’s Thinking mode, thinking ideas, and can run a large number of thoughts quickly in just a moment, so he himself did not even stop for a little time. He stepped on his feet with all his strength, and the whole person jumped up. .
The golden giant Lyphemus was still worried about something, fearing that the terrifying power of the Immortal Sword would reappear. You must know that when they fought with Shiva in the sky at close range, their twelve high-level holy spirits were the two heavenly beings at the beginning. The clan’s senior Holy Spirits were killed and dissipated first, but the combined powe