in his bank card was from a few black boxing matches and the salary from the Dragon Tiger Dou Restaurant, Huang Kun’s mother gave him half a million, which in total was just over one million. .

I spent hundreds of thousands on buying a house for my parents before, but now I gave another one million to Wei Xingwu, and the bank card balance instantly dropped to less than one hundred thousand.
Here in Cuihu City, more than one million is enough for ordinary people.
But Wei Xiaobei could only sigh, money is really not enough these days.
You know, if Wei Xingwu’s security company wants to develop and grow in the future, it will still need to invest.
After all, when a new company opens, it is simply impossible to eat a big bun in one bite. It would be good if the initial income can sustain the company’s operations.
You should think of ways to make money.
Black boxing?
Wei Xiaobei shook his head. Wei Xiaobei no longer wanted to make money in this way. Those black boxers had no power to fight back in front of him, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to become famous in the black boxing circle.
It was okay to go to Zhou Xingyuan and ask for money as a single soldier, but Wei Xiaobei couldn’t pull that face off.
It would be great if the second senior brother was here. With his method, it shouldn’t be difficult to make money for himself.
/After thinking about his missing second senior brother for a moment, Wei Xiaobei temporarily forgot about the matter. For no other reason than the tens of thousands in his bank card were enough for living expenses for the time being.
To kill Yong and bathe in Yong’s blood is what should be done as soon as possible.
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste any more time. He drove an off-road vehicle to the supermarket and picked up a piece of Cuihu that had been stored for ten years before heading towards his former rental house.
When it comes to entering the gray world, the safest place right now should be there.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to enter the martial arts hall now. Wei Xiaobei had no intention of having a fight to the death with the flying god spear demon yet.
The Flying God Spear Demon was too perverted, and the gun energy it released completely restrained melee players like Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei had no plans to use his powerful body to test the power of the gun energy for the time being.
Moreover, the distance between the martial arts hall and the mutated farmer’s market is not too far. After Wei Xiaobei stole part of the prototype of the altar of life from the mutated farmer’s market, he stayed away from the mutated farmer’s market.
As for the place shared by Li Lanxing and Zhang Tiantian, hehe, Wei Xiaobei would rather face the mutated farmer’s market and the flying gun monster than hear those terrifying footsteps again.
Besides, last time, after Wei Xiaobei seduced the mutated farmer’s market and confronted the strange and evil thoughts, there might have been some changes in the house. Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to go in and suddenly find a woman in red completely app