n they saw them grabbing strips of human beings from the big plate with their hands directly from the table. The thigh was biting and biting with bloodshot eyes, and he was still cursing.

The Titan giant ate several human thighs, even biting the bones into pieces and swallowing them in his belly. Then he said angrily: “Who are you talking about Loki? Anyway, I am also a sect under the Temple of Beauty. Leave him alone and wait for two days.” Let’s all go out for a walk today, and ask the magicians below to scout out all the human hiding spots around us, and then mark them out. Damn it, we can’t attack the human royal court, so treat these lowly humans around us as prey. That’s okay, right? Damn it!”
The other giants were all cursing. As the servants around them kept bringing dishes, the banquet was already in full swing. But at this moment, bursts of noise suddenly came from outside the hall. At first, these giants didn’t pay much attention, but as time passed, the voice became louder and louder. At this moment, these giants frowned. The Titans directly said to the steward serving next to them: “Go and see, what’s going on?” What happened? Tell those little bastards to stop making trouble. There will still be some time for the evening martial arts training. Damn it, at least wait until I finish this meal!”
The Dread Lord bowed respectfully, and then walked out of the hall step by step with the restraint of a noble butler. A fire giant next to him laughed and said: “Sir, you are really awesome, like this A well-trained Dreadlord butler cannot be exchanged for two or three legendary weapons. Hey, sir, when will you become the Holy Spirit?”
The Titan laughed a few times and said: “Now I am much stronger than those garbage Holy Spirits from hundreds of tribes. My plan is to slowly continue to accumulate strength and condense myself. I am either a child of those dandy nobles, or someone who In my family, I am also the most powerful generation of geniuses, so when I plan to achieve the Holy Spirit, I take a direct step forward. The moment I achieve the Holy Spirit, I plan to directly achieve the high-level Holy Spirit! Otherwise, I will not be able to show myself. Come!”
/“Excellent! Excellent, my lord!”
“My lord is so powerful!”
“My lord, please merge with me.”
For a moment, these giants were all talking about compliments.
/The Titan laughed loudly and scolded: “Hey sister, don’t mess around here. You don’t know what the little guys outside are doing.”
Before he finished speaking, the castle gate suddenly exploded, and a short human was seen holding the neck of a golden giant, dragging the seven or eight-meter-tall golden giant step by step into the castle hall. For a while, these giants didn’t react, but this human said with a cry: “Damn, I’m so scared! I originally saw it was a gathering place for the giants, and I thought that this was the strongest among the hundreds of tribes. How terrifying the clan is. It’s possible that dozens of powerful real demons are waiting for me, but it turns out it’s my mother’