eople that cannot be forgotten.

At the same time, Chu Kuang also used this book to remind everyone that he is not only good at writing martial arts and children’s literature, reasoning is also his specialty.
However, this book is not so much a reasoning as it is an exploration of human nature.
The end of logic is not the utopia of reason and order, but the love that I devote my life to.
Personally, I think the moral situation setting thrown at Jingzi and Ishigami at the end is the most exciting paragraph.
The pain of being unable to atone for one’s sins means that Shi Shen will never be able to use mathematics to calculate and measure the choices that Jingzi might make.
the other side.
Leng Guang, who previously had a literary fight with Chu Kuang and failed miserably, also posted:
The novel also contains many detailed descriptions of the homeless community. From the living environment to the living conditions, this plot may seem redundant but is actually necessary.
Homeless people are abandoned by society and have no job or housing.
Even in their settlements there is little solidarity and care for each other.
So when the homeless man disappeared, no one noticed, or even noticed, or cared.
It was precisely by taking advantage of this that Shi Shen chose to attack homeless people who had no future problems.
You must know that in the entire case, this unfortunate tramp did not have any substantive and important relationship with anyone.
/The reason why he was contacted by the case and selected by the Stone God was simply because no one cared about his disappearance.
In the whole process, only the tramp was completely innocent, a complete victim.
However, what is even more sad is:
For his death and his injuries, no one sought justice for him in such a large society that advocates civility and the rule of law.
And the most surprising thing is:
A female writer in the top ten of the Blue Star Writers List also read this book and posted this comment on her personal platform:
It’s not just a homeless problem.
In “The Devotion of Suspect X”, the Yasuko mother and daughter are a vulnerable group.
Although Yasuko and Togashi have divorced, the idle and scoundrel Togashi is still entangled with Yasuko and her daughter. However, without actual criminal actions, the law cannot protect Yasuko and her daughter.
Who should relieve the pain of Jingzi and her daughter?
Here, the novel intentionally or unintentionally brings out the issues of vulnerable women in society.
This is what the novel brings us to think about.
/Although I don’t write reasoning, I love this subject. Chu Kuang’s book is highly recommended for everyone to read!
In contrast.
Short story writer Shen Jiarui, a fan of Chu Kuang, is much simpler and more straightforward:
Chu Kuang yyds!
The ending gave me goosebumps.
How much do you need to love someone to be able to completely abandon yourself, your life and reputation, your beloved mathematics and all the unknown beauty that has not yet happened in life?
Just dedication?
When you