like the “King of Long Distance Running”.

Manipulating the wings to avoid the trees along the road, Hull soon discovered that the terrain here was the most unsuitable for gliding, so he had to slow down his gliding speed to avoid hitting the trees.
This made him wonder why birds could fly quickly in places full of branches. Their brains could not be better than humans. Hull thought that if he had the opportunity, he could study the mystery.
/Hull has always been in awe of the trainee, Master Madison, who is the real magician, not a soldier who can use magic.
In his opinion, every real magician has his own subject, so he has been looking for such a subject that is both interesting to him and not too difficult. Now he finally found his own subject. subject.
Hull could never imagine what the idea he had in the sea of ??insects would eventually bring to him, and what it would bring to the world.
Even though he slowed down his gliding speed, the distance of more than ten kilometers still didn’t take him much time.
The shining golden thing was indeed a huge pupa shell. Just like what Old Man Moon said, this thing was as thin as a cicada’s wings. He took out a sharp long-handled ax from the space ring, and Hel swung the ax and chopped it. , only a “dong” sound was heard, and the thin pupa shell bounced the ax away.
The chrysalis shell is as tall as a person, and it can’t be hugged with both hands. Of course, it is impossible for Old Man Moon to move such a big thing, but Hel can. His space ring was given by Master Marleyn, and there is enough space. You can put down this huge pupal shell.
/The only trouble was that the lower part of the pupa shell was stuck on a pile of things that looked like dung balls. Hull kicked it with his foot and found that the thing was very hard.
Hull picked up the ax again and chopped hard.
He heard a soft snap, and an electric spark flew from the ax blade. Hull screamed “Ah”, and when he let go, the long-handled ax flew out, and he himself fell straight down.
Where the ax blade struck, a large piece of the pile of dung balls was scraped off, revealing its translucent crystal-like core. This thing was only about the size of a thumb, like a bead made of countless crystal needles. , the core of the bead is flashing with bright white light.
Although the pain nerves have been weakened when undergoing physical conditioning, they will still be paralyzed by strong electric shocks. At this moment, Hull can only lie quietly. He can do nothing except blinking his eyelids and rolling his eyes.
Staring at the translucent crystal, Hull suddenly felt that his heart was about to stop beating. He knew what that thing was called. He had seen something similar when he was at the Vance Academy of Magic.
The ones he had seen were called “artificial nuclear crystals”.
Most of the cores of some complex magic arrays will have an artificial nucleation crystal. This thing is very expensive. One the size of a grain of rice costs three thousand crowns. This is only the cost and does not include labor costs.