weakened a lot. This city in the sky has just been completed and there is not even a single resident. Therefore, the Yuanli pool in the center of the city cannot produce Yuanli at all. The Yuanli stored in it still comes from It is drawn from the Yuanli pools of other cities, and the more you use, the less it will be.

However, in order to create the Thunder God’s Whip, the Yuanli Pool gave priority to the skill masters. At this moment, the guards could only rely on their own strength to fight.
What made the guards even more desperate was that the violent hurricanes and raging thunder and lightning also dispersed other magic elements. Except for wind and thunder magic, other types of magic could not be used here at all, and even communication skills were restricted.
/Hel summoned the Golden Demon King, originally intending to fight his way out, or else distract the guards and give him a chance to escape. What confused him was that although this huge spider was summoned by him, it showed no sign of obeying his control.
As soon as the monster came out, it was attracted by the giant furnace in the center of the hall. It looked left and right, and suddenly it raised its head and let out a squeaking sound.
No one had time to react. This guy had already jumped to one end of the furnace. He opened his mouth full of sharp teeth and bit hard. The huge electric crystal stone at the end of the furnace was immediately swallowed by it. When it reached the stomach, it turned around and got into the furnace.
Although the thunderball was no longer in the furnace, the temperature was still high enough to turn the steel into molten steel within a few seconds. However, the golden devil didn’t care at all and gnawed at the remaining contents in the furnace.
The rest are all the residue left by refining the Thunder God’s Whip. They were originally extremely precious electrical materials, and now they have absorbed the energy of thunder and lightning.
Hull couldn’t imagine what this guy wanted to do by swallowing these materials. At this moment, he could only watch from the sidelines.
Amidst the rapid sirens, the guards of the Sky City arrived one after another.
When two guards, who were much taller than the others, protected Surunaba on the left and right, Hel suddenly felt a slight stagnation in his body.
These two heaven-level experts have released their domains.
The two heavenly guards did not take action, and all those who took action were other people. But what Hel didn’t expect was that those guards did not deal with the golden devil first, but waved their staffs desperately, and they could see All the arriving masters were teleported away.
However, in a second thought, Hel understood again that Surunaba took great care of the technicians like them. He was definitely worried that a fight would break out later and hurt the skilled technicians who had no power to restrain them, so he took care of them first. Send them to a safe place.
Hull was always by Robert’s side, and he quickly grabbed Robert’s shoulder.
/Sure enough