tunned for a moment and said: “Yes, if we don’t know something, it is absolutely impossible to produce phantoms. For example, a person who is born blind will never be able to produce phantoms of color. That’s the truth.”

Gong Yeyu was stunned for a moment. Before he could ask the people around him, the people around him had already repeated Pei Jiao’s original words. It was exactly the same as what Pei Jiao said. At that moment, Gong Yeyu didn’t hesitate anymore, and the purple thunder sword transformed. For a flash of thunder and lightning, everyone only saw a flash of purple sword light. The next second, a dark, ink-like black aura emerged from the open space where the purple sword light flashed, and this black aura was still there. It kept expanding, and within a second or two at most, a huge phantom with a horse face and a human body appeared above the open space. However, after the phantom appeared, it did not attack everyone immediately. Instead, it raised its head to the sky. It screamed, and then rushed away very far away.
At the same time, two huge roars and roars came from very far away. One roar was like a horse’s roar, sharp and loud, and the other roar was like a cow’s roar, low and shaking the ground.
/There is “a” devil-level ghost here and there! There are clearly two Demon King-level ghosts outside Fengdu!
Bull head! Horse face!
Demon king level ghost!
Two devil-level ghosts!
Whether it is Pei Jiao, a rookie who has just entered the soul world, or everyone who has been a veteran for a long time, no one has seen or even heard of ghosts of this level, but now they have to face two The devil-level ghost has a bull’s head and a horse’s face!
Everyone present stared dumbfoundedly at the place far away, where the sounds of horses and cows came. Although they could not feel anything, it seemed that they could already see a giant cow and a giant horse right there. It sounds funny, but only those who have truly seen a bull head and a horse face can know how terrifying these two ghosts are, especially when their strength level reaches the devil level!
Including Pei Jiao, even he was so panicked at the moment. When he faced the huge skeleton of the true demon level, he already knew the limit of his strength. Regardless of his thunder and lightning power and burning thunder and lightning, he was indeed very powerful. , but that also depends on the target. Before his own strength reaches the true demon level, he will not be able to pose any threat to the true demon level ghosts! Not to mention any demon king level ghosts, even with Gong Yeyu, the strongest person in the world
Gong Yeyu was the only one in the audience who didn’t panic at all. His hands holding the purple thunder knife were still firm and strong, but his expression was full of worry and he said: “Li Yunqi was not saved. He is indeed a devil-level ghost. It’s obviously just a trace.” The phantom formed by obsession did not dissipate even after the blow of the Purple Thunder Sword, but instead forcibly abducted Li Yunqi.”
Yang Xuguang’s ex