er happened.

With the departure of the ancient world and the ancient boat, it was like a long journey of eternity. Finally, after avoiding the fate of being dismantled, it withstood the baptism and indoctrination of the turbid ocean that became increasingly thicker and wilder over the years. After that, those strange and evil things that were truly born due to death and decay, were nourished by such troubled times and were truly brewing for many years.
The growth of the weird and evil levels, in fact, may be the reason why this ancient world has continued to expand, finally surpassing the concept of the so-called world and heaven, and “growing” all the way to the thickness and size it has today.
However, the increasingly heavy Jie Tian was not without its influence. It “drove” the Dharma Boat for long distances. The pure and heavy power eventually gradually overwhelmed the Dharma Boat. Finally, at a certain moment, the heavy giant… The ancient boat of oppression sank to the bottom again, and driven by the huge inertia and ocean currents, it hit the rocks in this sea area.
The dreamy bubble world and the magnificent and beautiful things that were accidentally born in the dim and turbulent world of the old world sank at the bottom of this vast sea after traveling far.
The fault is not only the sight of the majestic world-destroying natural disaster, but also the anchoring and pulling of soot in the air. Under the cover of this really thick and extremely dark yellow ocean, I am afraid that even Chu Weiyang is destined to be unable to reach the level of Tao and Dharma. Go up and feel the existence of the ancient world and the ancient boat.
Desolate, lonely, withdrawn.
And in the process of Chu Weiyang observing and sighing like this, suddenly, the wisp of soot that had dispersed to an extremely fine level suddenly revealed the last extremely clear power in this moment, and suddenly penetrated into The ancient Xumi barrier.
It was precisely at this moment that the Xumi barrier was not as tough as imagined, or maybe it was because of the aura that came from the same source.
/Suddenly, along with the opening of the ancient world’s Xumi barrier, a certain ancient charm that was the same as when I felt the fragments of the ancient world in the past, emerged from the “holes” of the ancient world’s Xumi. It is dizzy and reflected.
And it was at this time that I felt the paradoxical atmosphere of staleness, the spiritual charm and the strange and strange aura that evaporated in the midst of death and apoptosis.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang seemed to feel the illusion that a real ghost suddenly opened towards him. At the end of the extremely dark ghost, there was a shadowy thing hidden in the pure darkness, accompanied by The hole in one’s body shines on ghosts, and the same hole shines on one’s own body.
It was something purely eerie and shuddering.
A familiar feeling that almost instantly made Chu Weiyang’s hair relax and his joints become smooth.
Zhenmo Cave
He couldn’t help but torture himself, whether he was o