. In the blink of an eye, the decomposed objects were combined again, and these objects were still changing.

Without thinking, Hull knew naturally that these changes were caused by the white light falling from the sky. But this white light is not pure energy, it also contains the power of the realm.
Hull was surprised because that field was somewhat similar to his field and also had the function of fusion. However, white light did not only have the ability to fuse, it also had the function of evolution and adjustment.
/The Immortal King’s modulation methods are already superb, but there are still traces of chiseling. Therefore, although this three-headed and six-armed body is powerful, it is not perfect. But at this moment, under the white light, all the imperfect parts gradually disappeared. This put together body looks like it grew naturally.
This is the secret to building a divine body! Hull was a little shocked. He vaguely felt that he had stepped on a taboo threshold.
He didn’t dare to think about it any more.
Suddenly, a golden cloud shining in the distance also emitted dazzling white light. This cloud also felt extremely familiar to Hull, and he suddenly remembered his experience in the Holy See. The more Hal looked, the more suspicious he became, especially when more than a dozen palaces were vaguely revealed in the golden clouds. He was almost certain that it was Pope Dosalun.
Dozarun also came to this world? Hale’s mind was in a mess. This is not impossible, the spatial entrance to this world is fixed and will be opened at a specific time every day. Since the Beru Empire can send a search and rescue team into this world, the Holy See can certainly do the same.
However, the sudden appearance of Dosalun made Hel feel that the timing was too coincidental.
That dazzling white light was naturally a sign of becoming a god, and it was also incredible that Dosalun would take this step at this time.
In fact, Dozalan at this moment was also dumbfounded by what happened to him, and everything was simply out of his control.
Dosarun is not an ordinary person. There may be many heaven-level experts in this world who are more powerful than him, but there may not be anyone as knowledgeable and knowledgeable as him. Even the Immortal King is much inferior to him in terms of wisdom and insights. .
Almost at the moment when his body changed, Dosarun used the “accurate prophecy technique” to sort out all the causes and consequences.
Suddenly, his heart was filled with anger.
/“Accurate Prophecy” can peek into the trajectory of fate, and even the gods have no ability to deceive the course of fate, so the traps set by the Immortal King are fully exposed under the “Accurate Prophecy”.
Everything was carefully arranged by the Immortal King, and Tozaren had already seen his future destiny. He also understood that the reason why the Immortal King invited him to this world was just for this moment.
Once you reach the final step of challenging the heaven level, there is no possibility of turning back. Dosarun knew this v