ven be said to be our own people, a transaction is a transaction after all. What you want me to do, you should know very well that it will not be easy. The Military Intelligence Department is not casual. A place where anyone can get their hands in.” The Red Duke deliberately wanted to make Leda anxious and worried.

But what made him a little disappointed was that Leda didn’t seem to care very much.
A very good negotiator. The Red Duke made this judgment on Leda in private, and he was even more eager to get this sensible woman.
The Red Duke did not test any more. Years of experience have made him understand that there is no use in continuing to test. Although most women will quickly retreat when they are intimidated, some women may stick to it for a while, but they still remain in the face of huge pressure. Will collapse. It is for this reason that the world equates women with weakness.
But some women are stronger than men. He once met one of this type. Unfortunately, he was too immature at the time and didn’t know how to grasp the right balance, which ultimately caused unnecessary tragedy.
He definitely didn’t want to let tragedy happen again. To be honest, he was more or less afraid of the father of the woman he admired. Although his status was higher than that of the woman, after all, they were not in a superior-subordinate relationship. If things were to happen It became out of control, and it was hard to say whether it would trigger revenge from the father.
/And once a “war” breaks out between them, no matter the outcome, it will be a very troublesome thing.
Putting one leg on the knee of the other, the Red Duke said: “I am a very appreciative person, especially for women.”
He smiled and shrugged: “I have never wanted to hide my admiration for women, especially those with special temperament. However, you can rest assured that I have never been a person who likes to use force, and my possessiveness The desire is not very strong, just like I appreciate flowers but never forcefully pick them to take home, I will not restrict a woman’s freedom.”
As he spoke, he leaned forward slightly and said in a decisive tone: “If you want your lover to be safe, agree to be my woman and share a night of love with me.”
The Red Duke’s words did not surprise Lida too much. Since she asked for help, she had naturally thought of all possibilities in advance.
“Can’t we repay in another way?” Lida asked.
The Red Duke immediately burst into laughter. He pointed around and said in a somewhat proud tone: “Besides yourself, Miss, what else can please me? I like wealth, but to me, wealth is just It just allows me to have all kinds of means of enjoyment. I also like power, but I’m afraid you can’t bring me these.”
“Arts, many very famous works of art, these works of art are just suitable for your manor.” Lida said quickly.
“Work of art?” The Red Duke smiled, picked a rose from the vase next to her, brought it to Leda and said, “Is there any work of art that can compare with you, Miss? You are the most suitable one to decorat