must have had a brightening technique. The firelight was as bright as a miniature sun, illuminating the entire mountaintop as brightly as day.

Facing the gentle slope of the Sea of ??Insects, you can see clusters of houses closely packed together from the mountainside. The houses are very simple, surrounded by rough stone walls and roofs paved with hay.
There are no houses visible tens of meters close to the peak, because there is a large house built on the top of the peak. The stones used to build this house have been carefully cut and are very flat. There is a circle of pillars erected around it. There is also a one-meter-high base that looks like either a palace or a temple.
What was extremely inappropriate for such a simple village was that a purple-red warning barrier completely enveloped the entire village.
He was secretly surprised by the wide range of this alarm barrier. This thing was even higher than the one that shrouded the outside of the Miscon Garrison Headquarters building.
Even if the elf magician patch is here, there is no way to sneak in.
Seeing this situation, he complained to Old Man Moon. Even if he concealed something from him, he could be forgiven, but how could the old man call this place “Savage Ridge”? This is definitely misleading.
After thinking about it carefully, Hull decided to see the strength of his opponent first. After escaping from the Sea of ??Insects, there were still two Phantom Owls and a Ghost Shadow left by his side.
He was planning to recruit a Phantom Owl and let it collide with the alarm barrier, but then he thought about it and decided it was better to be careful.
Although this place is hidden, it is too close to Savage Ridge, so it would be safer to retreat further away.
Just as he thought, Hull immediately stepped back two kilometers. He stopped when he saw that the shelter was just a few hundred meters away.
He found a hidden place to hide. He took out his telescope and looked at the distant peak. It was 2,300 meters away from Savage Ridge. It was a little farther away. The buildings could still be seen clearly, but the people in the village could not. It’s a little hard to tell.
Blowing the whistle gently, Hel summoned a phantom owl. From the ring patched by the elf magician, he gained the ability to communicate with animals and directly gave the phantom owl an order to test the alarm barrier.
In order to prevent Huan Xiao from exposing his hiding place, he asked Huan Xiao to go around to the side facing the sea of ??insects, and then break into the barrier.
The Phantom Owl flapped its wings and flew towards Savage Ridge.
Hull waited patiently. From such a long distance, he could not see any changes in the Phantom Owl who broke into the alarm barrier, so he could only wait and see the reaction of those “savages”.
Suddenly, countless light spots flew up from the Savage Ridge. These light spots flew in all directions, with the most on the side facing the sea of ??insects.
/As soon as Hull brought the telescope up to his eyes, he saw those light spots cas