in the sky. Xu Ying’s figure floated up and fell into the lotus-shaped cave sky.

The strange eyes in the sky became angry, and an immortal corpse fell from the sky and flew towards this side.
But the petals of the lotus overlapped and closed, and with a swish sound, the blooming lotus turned into a flower flower. Then the flower flower flower shrank back into the void and disappeared.
A group of immortal corpses grabbed nothing.
The monster in the abyss turned its eyes and searched everywhere, but could not find the whereabouts of Xu Ying. A group of immortal corpses bathed in the fairy light and slowly rose back to the strange eye of the abyss.
“Slip so fast”
I saw the abyss in the sky closing slowly like eyes, hidden in the clouds, and disappeared.
A lotus leaf fluttered in the sky, fell from the sky, and slowly landed on the water of Shifeng River. The lotus leaf got bigger and bigger, and in an instant it grew to the size of a mat. After a while, a lotus flower emerged from the water. , layers of petals rotate and bloom in all directions.
The moment the lotus flower rotated and bloomed, hell fire erupted from the flower, and a tall young man walked out of the fire, wearing black clothes and a red belt, with flames flowing on his body, and gradually disappeared.
And the lotus flower also flew up and turned into an ancient cave sky, floating behind him.
“Li Xiaoke’s clothes are still of excellent quality.”
/Xu Ying patted the underworld fire off his body. He asked for these clothes from Li Xiaoke, and they fit him perfectly.
He looked up and saw that the sky was calm, with no sign of the abyss or the strange eye.
“Wei Xu, what kind of place is it?”
Xu Ying thought thoughtfully, “And the person who was swallowed by Wei Xu looked a bit like Nuoyang among the six Nuo ancestors. Why did he appear nearby? Could it be that he was the one who competed with me for spiritual consciousness just now? ”
There were many unanswered questions in his mind, especially about Wei Xu.
On Fengdu Mountain in Minghai, Emperor Beiyin helped him unlock his past memories. Xu Ying had seen the Wei Ruins emerge six thousand years ago and devour the world’s Qi refiners.
It was an extermination of Qi Refiners, in the name of Emperor Zhou building a divine boat on the other side and stealing the elixir!
/Countless Qi Refiners floated involuntarily, like drowning people, floating towards the strange eyes of the abyss in the sky!
“During that great purge, there was the shadow of the Immortal Realm behind it. It was the Immortal Realm that issued the Golden List and issued the order for the great purge. Then Wei Xu broke out and purged all the Qi Refiners.” Xu Yingxin said.
That great purge caused Qi Refiners to directly enter a period of great decline, with only the major immortal sects still retaining some of their vitality. So much so that three thousand years later, Li Xiaoke and others were still working hard to restore the ancient magical powers.
During the period of the induction of heaven and man, there was an