mall space.

This kind of space ring with a small volume is the most numerous. Because it can’t hold many things, only low-level magicians with little strength and low status will wear them. Unexpectedly, the Beru people actually thought of this. There is no way to use these useless space rings.
Although these space rings are small in size, since they can be placed in a folding car, they can of course also be used to store other things.
Hull lifted the other covers, and sure enough, these small cars were piled with metal plates of various sizes.
So close, he noticed the name written on the front of the metal plate. Such as short-barreled miniguns, light cannons, mountain trailers, and ammunition transport vehicles.
Half of these metal plates were weapons, and the other half were various military vehicles. He opened a few at random. The design of those things was very clever. The folded parts tried to use every bit of space.
“Is this what you need help from United Steel Company to manufacture?” Hull said while nodding.
“It’s not just manufacturing.” Yaqian said coldly: “If it’s just manufacturing, just find an arsenal. The reason why we need you is because these things are not perfect enough.
“Take this mountain trailer for example. It looks very beautiful and is small enough when folded. However, it can only run a few kilometers in the mountains before it completely falls apart.”
Hull grabbed the car that was opened at the beginning and shook it with his hands. Sure enough, the thing was very loose.
“Although I am an outsider, I can still see that you have used too many movable structures, and these things are far less strong than fixing them with rivets.” Hull said and patted hard, and the car immediately deformed.
“If you damage important items, I will report it to the superiors.” Yaqi said immediately.
It would be good to be able to catch this annoying guy. Of course, she also knew that the people above would not care about such trivial matters.
“You can report it well, I’m just estimating the workload required to improve this thing.” Hull said tit for tat.
As he spoke, he turned around, knocked on the spider magic machine next to him and said: “These things are pretty good. You should spend more time on this kind of weapon. The level of confidentiality here is so high. I didn’t expect to study these.” Meaningless things, I don’t see how these flashy props will contribute to improving the empire’s strength.”
These words were hurtful, but Hull didn’t do it just to make himself feel better. He wanted to know what was really being studied here.
/Although the results in front of him are not as bad as what he said, it is absolutely unbelievable that a large number of elites, led by Bast, one of the two wise men in the empire, have gathered together to only study these.
So Hull can be sure that behind these gadgets, there must be a very important research project. He originally guessed that it might be the research on angel wings, but the Immortal King told him with great certainty that he did not sens