entices, and monks outside the Lingxiao Sword Sect cannot understand it.

“That being the case, I already know the purpose of Junior Brother’s visit.”
Wen Bubei smiled bitterly and shook his head: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Just wait a moment. I’ll call Master up and let’s discuss how to deal with Lu Bei.”
“Hey, don’t make random guesses. Lin really just wants to rob someone tonight.”
Lu Bei explained loudly, telling Wen Bubei not to misunderstand, but he did not stop him and just watched Wen Bubei fly towards the valley.
After the people left, he turned to look at Liu Ruogu, who was at a loss.
“Headmaster Liu!”
Liu Ruogu’s delicate body trembled, invisible pressure rushed over her face, her pretty face was full of helplessness: “Let Head Lin know that Liu is also helpless. He has a high position, and Liu has to agree even if he doesn’t agree. ”
“Is this the reason why you intervened in the internal fighting of Lingxiao Sword Sect?”
Lu Bei sneered three times and tightened the Dashitian in his hand: “It’s Jing Ji, right? He came to you and asked you to provide Mei Wangsu with a cave to recuperate, and he also asked you to keep it secret and not tell anyone.”
“Headmaster Lin already knows, why bother asking again.”
Liu Ruogu gritted his teeth and said, “This matter has nothing to do with Yinxue Jiange. Liu is the one who made the decision. Please ask Master Lin to show mercy. Liu is willing to die to apologize.”
“There is no need to die. After all, you and Lu Zhangyuan often move around. No matter what, I have to give her three points of noodles.”
/Lu Bei continued to sneer: “But death penalty can be avoided, but living crime cannot be escaped. Tomorrow morning, you will dress up better and move to Beijun Mountain from now on.”
Liu Ruogu looked at Lin Buyan in surprise. He never expected that this guy was serious.
Lu Zhangyuan’s family had strict rules and he often boasted about his ability to tame his husband. How could Lin Buyan have the confidence to say such things to him?
Liu Ruogu didn’t understand very well. After thinking about it, maybe he was being sentimental. Lin Buyan’s words had no deep meaning and he just wanted to embarrass her.
The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. Liu Ruogu thanked him and was thrown out of the small world by Lu Bei.
“Remember, dress up nicely. I’ll give you one night to prepare. Be more enthusiastic in the morning. Don’t treat Lin with such a cold face.” Lu Bei ordered loudly, feeling secretly happy in his heart.
You surnamed Lin, fight me, I won’t kill you if you don’t believe me!
Not to mention that Liu Ruogu left with doubts, Lu Bei didn’t wait long before he saw Wen Bubei awakening Mei Wangsu who was in seclusion, and the master and disciple came side by side.
“Tsk, tsk, what a lost dog!”
“Hmph, you’re almost here too.”
Mei Wangsu’s eyes were cold and filled with darkness. When talking to Lin Buyan before, he felt that this person was completely hypocritical. This time was no exception and he looked even more annoying