However, every heroic warrior is an outstanding warrior, and their fighting skills are enough to kill enemies that are much stronger than themselves.
However, it is said that in Ragnarok, all the heroic warriors died on the Rainbow Bridge, and even the Hall of Valor was destroyed by giants.
For the little goblin, the appearance of these heroic warriors is as amazing as seeing the resurrection of dinosaurs in reality!
Well, actually, Wei Xiaobei was more surprised than the little goblin.
At this distance, Wei Xiaobei could clearly see every move of those heroic warriors by slightly activating the sensor search.
Those heroic warriors were not all wrapped in armor. The exposed body parts looked a bit illusory, giving Wei Xiaobei a semi-substantial feeling.
Well, this is not a problem. Heroic warriors are originally transformed from the souls of those who died in battle, and their semi-substantial bodies are normal.
Did you read that correctly?
The appearance of the heroic warrior is not surprising. He has not yet put down his visor, and you can see clearly that he has a big beard all over his face.
But the problem is, this heroic warrior has an accessory hanging around his neck that will never appear here.
A wire went up from the MP4 and submerged into the helmet. Wei Xiaobei could even see it nodding slightly from time to time.
Well, this is a sign of getting high when listening to music.
What’s going on?
The heroic warriors carry modern electronic products?
Then this heroic warrior should be a human coming from reality!
/Its exposed neck looks more solid compared to other heroic warriors.
It was obvious that these heroic warriors were very keen on spying. After Wei Xiaobei stared at him for more than five seconds, many heroic warriors turned to look in Wei Xiaobei’s direction.
Shocked, Wei Xiaobei hurriedly retracted his head into the roots.
Perhaps they thought it was some kind of monster peeping, or perhaps they were facing a powerful enemy. The heroic warriors just glanced at them, and then turned their attention to the frost giants in the confrontation.
Well, from a certain point of view, the relationship between them is that of enemy and enemy, with sworn hatred!
The forest became extremely quiet.
Even if there are some creatures moving nearby, they do not dare to approach here, but flee as quickly as possible.
Neither the heroic warriors nor the frost giants can be provoked by them.
I don’t know how much time passed, but suddenly, a frost giant’s right hand turned into a fist and hit his chest. With a roar, he rushed towards the heroic warriors with a thick fog of ice crystals.
As they ran, sharp ice arrows continued to condense from the thick ice crystal fog around these frost giants, and they shot toward the heroic warriors with a whistling sound.
So awesome.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt envious when he saw the fighting methods of these frost giants.
It can create a low-temperature environment to weaken the opponent, and can shoot ice arrows at any time without carrying